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Published: June 14, 2020 12:30 PM /


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After a brief message on the importance of the BLM movement and details on ways to donate the Guerrilla Collective began their stream promising to show of all kinds of games. The first trailer off the block was for The Eternal Cylinder. This was a game announced a few months ago with gameplay being shown, today they're announcing their Private Beta.

The trailer started by showing off an unnatural looking world where the creatures and landscape are facing the everpresent danger of the titular Eternal Cylinder. It's really just a giant cylinder that's rolling across the world and crushing absolutely everything in your path. The players will be exploring the world as a Trebhum, a small Q*bert looking creature.


The trailer shows off that as you are trying to escape from the cylinder you will also be exploring and growing your Trebhum. The trailer has us see Trebhums of all different kinds of shapes and sizes, and one even seems to be able to breathe fire. It will likely be a goal to mutate to these abilities as a way to progress and ensure your survival. You'll be able to use dozens of mutations that allow your Trebhum to fly and swim to new areas, and complete puzzles and avoid danger. You'll collect a number of Trebhums along the way so you can make sure you have all mutations at your disposal. Across the world you'll find a number of different biomes from the grassy savannah to the less friendly Tundra and Desert.

No release date was announced for The Eternal Cylinder but it will be here at some point in 2020. The game will release on consoles, and PC via Epic Game Store. If you go to their official website you can check out more images of the game and sign up to try to be a part of their Private Beta later this year.

What do you think of The Eternal Cylinder? Are you interested in seeing what more the world holds? What do you think of the Trebhums?


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