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Rockstar Confirms Heists for Grand Theft Auto Online in Early 2015

December 16, 2014 1:13 PM

By: Thomas Nelson


Rockstar has released a new trailer along with the announcement that the long-awaited heist missions for Grand Theft Auto Online will be arriving early 2015. The developer is promising plenty of new content and hours of additional gameplay.


According to Rockstar there are twenty missions total of five individual heist series. Once the player reaches level twelve on Grand Theft Auto Online they will be alerted by Lester to the availability of heists. Teams of four will gather with one of several contacts to set up and execute the mission. One player, the designated leader, will need to own a luxury apartment to hammer out the parameters of the mission with the contact. That player will also front all the costs for the heist placing them in role to retain control of the team. Team members will be paid throughout the set up to the heist but the leader will only be paid after the final mission. Other roles include driving vehicles, piloting planes, setting demolitions and scouting. The heists are said to be multi-tiered, objective based and requires players to take specific roles for each mission. According to Rockstar there will be a grand finale mission to the heists. The developer has promised new weapons, clothing, vehicles and gameplay features along with the heist missions.

Since the original announcement of the delay Rockstar has not been forthcoming with admitting the year and a few month postponement of the heists missions, a feature that was advertised as part of the launch of Grand Theft Auto Online in October of 2013. The Grand Theft Auto community was not pleased to hear of the delay as it came directly after the game was released but prior to the launch of the heavily anticipated multiplayer feature. Check out the article on IGN if you are interested in one Rockstar developer offering clearly scripted excuses that fail to account for the ad campaign around heists prior to launch. Grand Theft Auto V is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The title is scheduled to release on PC on January 27th, 2015.



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