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Riot Games Fixing League of Legends Store Exploit

February 3, 2015 12:45 PM

By: Robert Grosso


League of Legends is currently suffering from a major exploit, one that is allowing players to hack into the in-game store.




Several hackers have found a way to force access to the League of Legends store through a browser, instead of the online client, followed by using a summoner's ID and a session token to hijack the account. After doing this, hackers are able to utilize the in-game accounts of fellow players, including access to the online store and their in-game currencies, both RP, and IP, leading to the hackers to go on a shopping spree.

The exploit was first reported by players on Reddit less than 24 hours ago. Others also have video evidence of the hacking, including instances where it was captured live on youtube, as shown in the video below.



[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0bWg5-8X8E&w=600&h=350]

Fortunately, Riot games is on the case. They are aware of the exploit and are currently working on a fix.



"We're getting this fixed right now, though we can't speak to the specifics of the exploit or the explanations fellow Redditors have been offering." Stated a spokesperson on Reddit.

Riot is also planning to refund players for any lost RP and IP, and have made it clear that the exploit does not affect any personal information being compromised.

"What we can say is that we can see everyone who was hit by an attack, and we'll be returning all RP/IP that was lost. Since the store was involved, we also want to reassure you that this didn't expose any personal information like credit card numbers. Your data is safe."

League of Legends has just entered the 2015 Championship Season, so the timing of this exploit is probably not a coincidence. Nevertheless, Riot is working to find a solution before more players have their accounts robbed.



How long do you think it will take for Riot to fix this issue? Share your thoughts on this in the comments!

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