Quake Champions Adds Bots, Gore and More Updates

Published: June 7, 2018 4:01 PM /


Quake Champions

Quake Champions is adding more to its early access with its June update adding several requested features by the community.

The two big additions come in the form of bots and gore. The addition of bots has been a long time coming and they will be coming with scalable skill level to help players practice and improve their skills in training mode. These bots are available in deathmatch, team deathmatch, and instagib mode, .

Quake Champions will also be adding a ton of blood and gore. As the press release states, "Each Champion has received a unique gib-makeover, with attention paid to the individual pieces of armor they wear, as well as their proper organs, cybernetics, and appendages, to create precious works of Pollockian art."

A lot of more options are being added to the game thanks to community feedback. Some of the new features include multi-mode play-lists, team health and armor stacks, and of course, the standard balance changes you would come to expect from such updates. One important change is adjusting the XP gain so players can level up faster. The loot system has also been revamped, lowering the number of duplicates and shards found in backpacks and chests. Unranked matches also get a new toy, the Killer Cam, which shows how players were fragged in the middle of a firefight.

One other big change is the removal of champion rentals. The system has been replaced with champion rotations, similar to many other free to play and MOBA titles. Champions can also be permanently unlocked with in-game favor or the premium Platinum currency, like other free to play games.

Quake Champions was first announced at E3 2016, and is the first mainline Quake game since Quake 4 in 2005. The game is still currently in early access, and is scheduled for a worldwide release this year. Currently there is no word from Bethesda if Quake Champions will have a showcase at E3 this year.

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