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PSA: Battlefield 1 Beta Phishing Attempt

Published: June 7, 2016 10:16 AM



A phishing attempt is making its rounds through the gaming community posing as a sign up for the Battlefield 1 beta. First brought to our attention by a post on Reddit by user Locknlawl, here's what you need to be wary of if you're looking to sign up for the Battlefield 1 Beta.


The phishing website goes to "" to attempt to get you to register. Anything at the "" domain IS NOT from EA, DICE, or any other official source. All Battfield 1 related information, including actually signing up for the beta, is on "" If you receive or click on any link going to "" do not put any information into it whatsoever.

battlefield 1 beta real
The actual sign up page on the real website.
battlefield 1 beta fake
The fake website attempting to get your personal information.

The actual website where you can sign up to be a part of the beta in the future and the fake one trying to get your personal information are extremely similar, as you see in the images above (I suggest clicking on both to enlarge them in separate tabs to compare). Notice the only real differences come in the font and the email provided in the small text.


fake battlefield 1 beta

The above is the actual page where the phishing site attempts to get your information. Know that there is no page that looks like the above whatsoever on the official Battlefield website. So, if you see that page above, know you are on the page attempting to steal your personal information.


If for some reason you want to go beyond just this page, you are met with this (image provided by user LocknLawl on Reddit). Needless to say, it is likely at this point many would realize that this was a scam. 

Be very careful what a link says when you click on it and actually what appears as the URL in your address field of your web browser. Even when receiving a direct link to a sign up page, you are much better off seeking it out yourself on the game's own official website to ensure the authenticity.

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