PS4 Crossplay Reportedly Leaves Beta For Developers

Published: October 2, 2019 7:32 AM /


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PS4 Crossplay has been around for a select few titles, but the list is about to get a lot bigger. Sony has quietly ended the beta for the feature that allows gamers on different consoles to play against one another, meaning that developers can now implement it in their games with much greater ease.

Yesterday, Sony was hyping up their enhancements to PlayStation Now, namely the fact that they've dropped the price down to ten bucks a month and added Grand Theft Auto VGod of War, and two other titles to the library for a limited time. What wasn't as widely reported was the fact that they've also ended the beta for PS4 Crossplay.


Prepare for More PS4 Crossplay

Wired reports that Sony has officially booted Crossplay out of beta. A handful of games have implemented it in some fashion like how PUBG did recently or how Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will do at its launch. Now, the option is pretty much open to all developers — they won't have to wait for Sony to do anything on their end.

That's not to say that devs won't have work to do. Think of the Crossplay feature as akin to the Steam workshop — pretty much any game can take advantage of the feature set, but it's up to the developers to program it on their end. Similarly, the PS4 Crossplay feature is going to require developers to do a little extra work on the different platform versions of whatever game they'd like to use the feature with.

While some developers surely had the sense to prepare for this in advance, it's possible that a fair few are going to have a lot more walk to get different gaming systems talking to each other properly. One way or another, we're sure to see a lot more Crossplay action in the coming months and years.


What do you think of PS4 Crossplay finally exiting beta? Which game would you like to see the feature come to next? Let us know in the comments below!

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