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Published: April 30, 2016 6:30 PM /


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Pokemon Go is currently in a beta testing period, rolling out in waves across the world. This free to play Pokemon game was first announced last year showing fans of the Pokemon franchise that soon they'll be able to catch and battle Pokemon like a real trainer. After originally being in beta in Japan Pokemon Go has recently come to Australia where more footage has been leaked. Because this footage is leaked there is a chance that it may be taken down at any time.


This 10 minute gameplay clip shows a variety of the features of the game. Beginning with the character customization, we see the male and female default models and some of the options to change their faces, hair, eye color, hat, shirt, pants, shoes, and backpack. After setting a name the app begins to track where you are walking showing the locations of Pokemon around you.

Once you have started playing the game you will be prompted to join Blue, Red, or Yellow team. These teams will dictate who is in control of locations like Gyms. In a Gym, you can leave a Pokemon of yours to defend it, and if they are knocked out then the Pokemon will return to your collection. 

There are locations that you will come across as you walk that there are chances of picking up items such as Pokeballs or even Pokemon eggs, these eggs require you to walk a certain distance before you're able to hatch it.

The catching process in the game seems to be that you will tap on the Pokemon you can see near you on your map as you walk and then they will appear in augmented reality, or on grass if you turn off your camera. While they are in front of you you don't battle them but throw Pokeballs to capture them. The further you go and the more Pokemon you catch will all give you experience, this experience is used to level up your character. With each level up you get you will get rewards of items like a variety of Pokeballs.

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