Pioneers Of Pagonia Release Date Brings Settlers-Style Fun To Early Access In December

Published: August 22, 2023 8:52 AM /


A group of settlers working at a bakery while the town bustles behind them in Pioneers of Pagonia

Settlers creator Volker Wertich and studio Envision Entertainment have announced the Pioneers of Pagonia release date for Early Access.

The game, which got its first gameplay teaser back in June, is launching on PC via Steam on December 13th, Envision and Wertich have revealed. 

In addition, if you're excited to check out the game, you'll have a couple of opportunities to do so ahead of its Early Access release.

First up, in September, Envision and Wertich are holding a Pioneers of Pagonia closed beta, allowing a select few players to get a chance to take a look at the game.

If you want to sign up for that, you'll need to put yourself on the Pioneers of Pagonia mailing list, which will automatically give you a chance to be selected for the closed beta. You're not guaranteed to get in, though, unfortunately.

A bustling zoomed-out townscape in Pioneers of Pagonia
Pioneers of Pagonia should scratch that Settlers itch.

If you miss out on the closed beta or you don't get to participate in it for some reason, then don't worry. A public Pioneers of Pagonia demo is also on the way.

The demo will launch in October just before that month's Steam Next Fest, so you should definitely try to find some space in your avalanche of demos to try it out, especially if you're a city-building fan.

Pioneers of Pagonia is an upcoming city-builder heavily inspired by The Settlers. It's created by that franchise's originator, Volker Wertich, and features his "signature Wuselfaktor", which roughly translates to "hustle and bustle factor".

As you build your settlement, you'll need to exploit resources, explore the world around you, and protect your town from "hostile animals, plundering bandits, and mythical creatures", according to Wertich and Envision.

The game promises more than 40 building types, as well as "deep infrastructure mechanics" and an "emphasis on unification rather than war", leading to unique endgame conditions.

Make sure you wishlist this one on Steam if you're interested in trying it out. It launches on December 13th in Early Access.


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