Pioneers Of Pagonia Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Settlers Creator's New Project

Published: June 29, 2023 9:13 AM /


Key art depicting characters looking out over a bustling settlement in Pioneers of Pagonia

The first Pioneers of Pagonia gameplay trailer has arrived, showing some in-engine footage of what you can expect if you play this new city-builder from the creator of the iconic franchise The Settlers. As you might expect, Pagonia looks pretty similar to that venerated series, so if you love The Settlers, you're in for a treat.

After being delayed indefinitely in 2020, Ubisoft released The Settlers: New Allies in early 2023, but reception to the game was decidedly mixed, to say the least. Who better than the original Settlers creator to give fans a game they might like more than the current incarnation of the series? That's likely the logic behind Pioneers of Pagonia, and now, you can check out the first in-engine gameplay footage of Volker Wertich's game.

The primary focus for Pioneers of Pagonia is "Wuselfaktor", a German word which loosely means "hustle and bustle factor". It was the key to The Settlers' constant feeling of motion, and it's something Wertich and his team Envision Entertainment are looking to recreate for Pagonia. Take a look at the trailer for yourself and see if that Wuselfaktor, uh, factor is present.

Wertich and Envision describe Pioneers of Pagonia as a "deep economic simulation with branching production chains", but that's not all you're getting here. The new trailer certainly shows settlers transporting wood, pouring water on crops, and generally, well, settling, but there's a dark undercurrent here too, as a brief shot of a werewolf-like monster at the end of the trailer demonstrates.

When Pioneers of Pagonia launches in Early Access, it'll feature more than 40 differnt building types and "over 70 different goods and dispersed production chains", with more content on the way as the Early Access phase proceeds. The game is currently slated to hit Steam Early Access sometime in Q4 2023, so stay tuned for more news about this promising-looking city-builder.


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