Phantom Brigade 1.0 Gameplay Trailer Reveals Action-Packed Mech Battles and More

Phantom Brigade 1.0 is coming soon, and today a gameplay trailer showcases what players can expect with the upcoming launch.

Published: February 6, 2023 5:04 PM /


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Phantom Brigade 1.0 is heading to PC via Steam on February 28, 2023, after a lengthy Early Access period, and today we get a first look at what we can expect in terms of gameplay and MECHanics. 

In Phantom Brigade​​​​​​players become the leader of the very last squad of Mech pilots in the country, and it is up to them to use the sparse amount of resources available to keep the enemy at bay. One of the key mechanics within the game is the prediction technology that will allow players to see what moves their enemy will make prior to them making them. This allows for ample preparation for anything foes might throw your way.

Every turn is separated into two phases; Planning and Execution. During the Planning phase, players will have the opportunity to see five seconds into the future, to analyze where exactly the enemy is thinking of striking from. Not only that, but time will also stop, meaning you can place your defenses wherever you see fit at your own pace. The Planning features seem rather intricate, as not only can you edit your moves down to the very second, but you can also gauge your chance to hit an enemy and even the trajectory of your next shot. 

Once players are happy with where they have placed their defenses and mechs, they will enter the Execution phase. This is where we can see every action we planned in real-time and hope for the best possible outcome. Another feature worth mentioning is the buildings and structures. All of them are breakable, meaning that if you so happen to use one as cover during the planning phase, you may have just wiped out one of your mechs if the enemy breaks it down quickly. 

Phantom Brigade 1.0 is set to launch on February 28, 2023, and will be available on PC via Steam. 

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