PC Gaming Show E3 2018: Press Conference Recap

Published: June 11, 2018 9:59 PM /


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Today Day9 and PC Gamer did all they could to fill almost two hours completely full of all kinds of PC gaming content from AAA titles, to indie devs, and even a bit of VR.

Satisfactory was the first game to get shown off, having world exclusive first gameplay shown from Coffee Stain Studios, the studio best known for Goat Simulator. That's not to say Satisfactory looked anything like their famous comedy game - instead, it is a building game where you build more and more complex machines to build this giant machine. There's very little to limit your imagination as you have a space of 30 KM squared to stretch your creations out over.

satisfactory pc gaming show e3 2018

The first of the indie titles from Chance Industry is for Neo Cab, in this game you play as a cab driver in a future where it seems human drivers aren't that common anymore. Through the trailer not too much was revealed but gameplay seems to comprise of the conversations that you have with those you're taking around as well as the call you're waiting for from your friend.

The first Battle Royale game from today has 1000 players and will be called Mavericks: Proving Ground. As with other popular BR titles you see characters dropping into the map from above and collecting all they can in terms of equipment and ammo to survive. The terrain saw changes from burning forests, to lush green ones, and mountainous region. The CEO of Automaton Games came out to talk about their 5 man squad mode being 1000 players large. As a player moves through the map they'll leave destruction in walls as well as disturb the environment allowing other players to track them. There will be a beta for this game later on this year.

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The next title is gameplay from The Forgotten City, a game that originated as a mod that won a writer's guild award. The trailer is set in what seems like a greek themed underground city where the protagonist has been searching for a way out. You can travel to the past but if someone commits a sin then the world is doomed, it's your purpose to keep going back and fix what has gone wrong.

The next "blast from the past" is Starcontrol: Origin which was unveiled as an in-world recruitment trailer. In this game you'll be exploring space, dropping down to planet surfaces, and meeting all kinds of aliens (some not so friendly) along the way. This is an open universe action RPG where each of the planets you come across you can drop down onto. The story is meant to be the focus of the game so even when you're halfway across the galaxy other NPCs are still going to be moving around. You can create all kinds of your own adventures and custom ships with modding support. The game will also support PvP in the Ship Battles mode, in this mode you can play locally or online by building your ship and taking into the arena. This game will launch on September 20th.

star control origins pc gaming show e3 2018

Hunt: Showdown from Crytek was showed off next as an exclusive preview. In this trailer, we see the use of the hand crossbow, sticky bomb, rifle and more. This game is available now on Steam.

Archangel: Hellfire a new addition to the base Archangel game was talked about next. Fans of the original game said they wanted it to be not on rails, and for there to be PvP so the developers put together a new game for them. July 17th will be the full release but it is currently in early access.

the sinking city pc gaming show e3 2018

From the makers of Sherlock Holmes, The Sinking City is the newest game from Frogwares. This will be an open world 3rd person game with investigation elements inspired by Lovecraftian elements. Investigations will be at the core of this game. The clues that you find in the game won't just help you learn about the world, but also to aid your investigation. As well as flooding the world and killing many this water has also brought all kinds of strange beasts to the land. There will be a sanity mechanic that will impact gameplay when the protagonist is under stress making choices he will begin to lose his sanity and have visual and auditory hallucinations. You will get weapons and skills as you play, but as the game is about decisions you'll have to make plenty along the way.

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The next PC title to be spoken about is Warframe after the last world first open world update The Sacrifice is the next in the story DLC for the game. In a trailer, we see the new umbra Warframe is out and this new content will be coming to PC this week. More will be revealed at Tennocon that you can watch on July 7th, and there will be bonuses if you watch on Twitch.

SEGA is up next to show off Shining Resonance and Shenmue later on this year. A trailer is then shown showing off a variety of the titles that SEGA has brought and will be bringing to PC. These titles also include Shining Resonance, Yakuza Kiwami, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Yakuza Zero. They finished their bit saying the last title is available for preorder now.

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Tripwire games are at the PC Gaming Show to talk more about Killing Floor 2. There will be 4 major updates this year, the second of which will be released tomorrow mixing circus and cyberpunk. Summer Sideshow is the name of the update. The upcoming update will mark the return of Lockheart and it's up to you to help him take out the circus freaks that managed to get on board his blimp. New weapons like the boomstick, static strikers, and M99 sniper are being added as well as Mrs. Foster becoming a playable character. There will also be a free weekend for PC players.

John Gibson president of Tripwire is also around to talk about their foray into publishing. They're planning on giving developers a good chance of exposing their titles as well as giving them feedback. Road Redemption will be published by Tripwire and they'll be bringing it past Steam. Tripwire is working with Blindside games to also show off their brand new game and following the theme of their previous title Depth you'll be playing a shark attacking all manner of humans, board, and more. The game will be called Maneater. This is an open world RPG complete with shark skill trees as well as a campaign.

For unannounced games, we head back up to the balcony to show off a new game from Untitled Published to announce three titles and release one. The first announcement is for a turn-based battle game called Bravery Network Online coming out in 2019. The next title is a farming game called Morning Star. The third reveal is for a Metroidvania game with retro graphics. This title is called Overwhelm and is available now on Itch and Steam with a 20% launch discount.

Frontier Development is next up to talk about Jurassic Park Evolution which came out this week, the park building simulator where you get to create your own Jurassic Park. In the trailer, we see not only a successful Jurassic Park but also what can go horribly wrong.

stormland pc gaming show e3 2018

Insomniac is up next to talk about their open world VR title Stormland. In this trailer we see the player character exploring until he's brought back to life many years later. Once operational again we see the player begin exploring more to put himself back together and to begin exploring the world and heading home. There are both climbing and gliding mechanics. The combat allows you to wield a gun as well as a shield. If you encounter other robots you're also able to revive them and have them tag along. CCO Chad Dessern from Insomniac spoke with Day9 to talk more about the game. You play as an android gardener who is destroyed by the Tempest and now you need to get above the cloud layer to begin repairing yourself. Every week the Tempest will rearrange the landscape allowing players to have an ever-changing environment to explore.

The next trailer shown was a neo-noir story where you play as a French cab driver. This game presents the player with a variety of dialogue options as they take different people around town. This game will be called Night Call and will be from publisher Raw Fury. The publishers are also showing off another new title called Sable a heavily stylized adventure game following a cloaked girl around a sand-covered world. Sable is an open world desert exploration game, their won't be combat or leveling up it's just up to you to explore the world. As you travel you'll learn all about the world around you. The origins in the art style are in Japanese animation as well as the heavy comic lines of French comics. The music is all going to be done by Japanese Breakfast.

The next title is Star Citizen with their title still in development Cloud Imperium shows a new trailer for their originally Kickstarted game, that has yet to officially release. The trailer shows combat, ship traversal, parts of the FPS module. Alpha 3.2 is going to be "coming soon".

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The next title up is Genesis Alpha One where you deal with all that comes with owning a space station. This includes gardening, avoiding aliens, navigating the stars, and you can even splice your crew with aliens to create new species. This game will be out on September 4th.

Don't Starve Hamlet was the next game to get a trailer, keeping with the classic art style of don't starve this title will have players exploring a new world filled with pig people all while trying to just survive. This title is coming in December 2018.

dont starve hamlet pc gaming show e3 2018

Just Cause 4 shows of the new Apex engine that they've mentioned at previous press conferences. With perks such as unparalleled draw distances, improved lighting, weather systems, and physics based aerodynamics you can do even more in the latest addition to the Just Cause franchise. Two members of the team from Avalanche are on the stage to talk more about these changes. It was important for the developers to add variety and create a wider variety of the biomes that you will encounter on your journey. Plenty of tools and gadgets from Just Cause 3 will be returning such as a new combat model as well as a new grapple.

overkills walking dead pc gaming show e3

The Walking Dead from Overkill is the next game on the podium. Set in Washington DC some first gameplay was shown. The trailer showed off the state that the world is currently in, and while brief we do get a good idea of where humans are in terms of understanding the Zombies and that the Humans are really the ones to be worried about. The game will be releasing in early November. To continue with The Walking Dead theme Telltale's final chapter is the next to be talked about. This game is the continuation of Clementine's story as she's now leading her own group of survivors. Telltale has done away with the stationary camera angles and a lot of the QTEs to give players a better chance of immersion into the world. The final chapter will be releasing on August 14th.

From Nola games, their action roguelike Noita touts impressive generation including every pixel being simulated. In the trailer, we can see how things like physics take effect on every pixel as it's shifted and even affects structures like rope bridges.

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Founders ofTwo Point Studios take to the stage to talk about their new game Two Point Hospital. This as the spiritual successor to theme hospital will allow you to to not only build up your hospital but also train doctors to take care of all kinds of different procedures such as "Turtle Head." As you play more you'll encounter all kinds of different problems and regions to set up your hospital. This title will release in the fall.

The second battle royale of the PC Game Show is Realm Royal from Hi-Rez studios. This game was released earlier this week and is available to play for free. EP from Hi-Rez Rory Newbrough was on stage to talk about the things that make their game different from regular BR titles such as the class system that you're able to select before you drop into the world. There is also a crafting system where you can collect shards as you play that you can then use to create a legendary weapon, but it does paint a target on your back. Through Mixer, if you stream the game and get closest to crown royale you'll enter the HypeZone and have a chance to win the jailbird chicken skin.

ooblets pc gaming show e3 2018

From last year's PC show and again updated Ooblits, a game inspired by Pokemon and Animal Crossing. The new trailer for this game shows off a dance battle between the strange creatures. We also get to see the different items you can use to design your homes and give to your Ooblets as you play. This title is coming to PC and Xbox One.

Anno 1800 had a chance to show off the next in their strategy line of games. After a brief trailer, the EP for the game took to the stage to talk about their new title. Explaining to the audience that this game is PC only real-time strategy game that mixes naval warfare, economic simulations, and city building. You're able to explore the world and build cities just the way you want. This time was picked because it was an era of so much development and of the creation of the imperial empires. You start with just a medieval settlement and from there you journey through the century. Anno Union was created last year to help players stay up to date on the development as well as press giving feedback. Some choices that have been directed by the community include late-game balances as well as expansion on core features based on requests.

rapture rejects pc gaming show e3 2018

The next title is the final Battle Royale of the night from TinyBuild and Galvanic Games there's a top-down Battle Royale called Rapture Rejects based on Cyanide and Happiness cartoons. In a trailer we see the rapture take place saving all the worthwhile leaving the rest to duke it out. This game features twin stick controls. You can sign up for the alpha now on their website.

For the final trailer of the show, it's the new Hitman title. The trailer shown is the one that was shown last week at the reveal event. Game Director from IO interactive Jake Mikkelsen walked out onto the stage to talk about Agent 47 and his continued jobs to assassinate his targets. Some new mechanics include the crowds, there can be 2000 people in an area, there will be a picture in picture information so you can keep an eye on your target. The sniper briefcase can not only house a sniper either as you can use it to smuggle any items in. Elusive targets and limited time events will also be returning. Hitman 2 will release on November 13 and pre-ordering will give you access to the Sniper Assassin mode.

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