Overwatch Yule Log Returns with Charlet Chung, Matt Mercer, and More

Published: Monday, December 24, 2018 - 18:27 | By: Robert N. Adams

It appears that last year has started a Christmas tradition that we're seeing continue for 2018: the Overwatch Yule log has returned. Surprisingly, this year's silly little event is currently featuring a different host: Charlet Chung, voice actress of D.Va. She hasn't been the only new addition to this year's event, either!

The first Overwatch Yule log stream took place last year. It featured Game Director Jeff Kaplan and ran for around ten hours in total. The video gave the appearance that Mr. Kaplan was seated in a chair and barely moving for the entire duration of the stream. However, it was almost assuredly a work of skilled and clever editing. (Of course, I'm entirely willing to concede that Mr. Kaplan has Herculean patience; after all, he deals with Overwatch players throughout the year.)

The video stream for 2018's Overwatch Yule log has just begun and we're sure to see some neat surprises throughout the stream. It's entirely possible to watch it, but it may be easier to just wait for fans to point out all of the interesting bits in a compilation; such an effort is already underway on the /r/Overwatch subreddit.

This year's Yule log began with Papa Jeff, but he walked off screen to get some milk for his cookie. Mr. Kaplan was subsequently replaced with McCree's voice actor (and host of Critical Role) Matt Mercer. Mr. Mercer stuck around for a bit, opened a gift (he received a scarf, apparently) and was soon supplanted by Jacob "Jake" Lyon from the Overwatch League. Mr. Lyon builds a LEGO Bastion and stuck around for a bit before eventually being replaced by Charlet Chung.


Ms. Chung is currently on deck for the 2018 Overwatch Yule log. There seems to be a theme of people leaving after consuming a cookie and opening the loot box and TechRaptor can report a tidbit of highly important breaking news: she just consumed one at approximately 4:37 PM Eastern Time. There has also been a recurring theme of the "hosts" finding something in the nearby loot box and making use of it; Ms. Chung had the good fortune to find a favorite snack of D.Va. It seems that her time may be coming to a close and she'll soon be replaced by someone else.

We're sure to see a lot more silliness with this year's Overwatch Yule log. You can tune in to the stream yourself by visiting twitch.tv/playoverwatch. Don't forget that the game is currently on sale for 50% off!

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