Overwatch Hero 31 Will Probably Not Be Echo

Published: March 12, 2019 1:10 PM /


overwatch hero 31 not echo

The newest Overwatch hero is still being tested on the game's Public Test Realm, but fans are nonetheless curious about who comes after Baptiste. Some fans might be hoping to see the lovely white robot Echo as Overwatch Hero 31, but an interview with Game Designer Joshua Noh indicates that we'll probably be waiting a while longer for her.

Overwatch Game Designer Joshua Noh was recently interviewed by HighScoreHeroes on YouTube. The second part of this interview was recently released:



The interview covers a variety of topics including the prevalence of the Goats composition in competitive play and the new hero Baptiste. One of the many questions that came up was the identity of Overwatch Hero 31, namely in the form of a question: is Echo going to be the next hero? Unfortunately, it looks like we're be waiting a while longer for her.

"I don't really have much info about Echo," Mr. Noh told HighScoreHeroes. "I know, like, we're definitely gonna make her a hero at some point. I don't think she's the next hero."


Echo was first introduced in the debut of the Reunion cinematic in November of last year. She spent most of the cinematic as a MacGuffin in a box before McCree eventually liberated her from Ashe and the Deadlock gang. Fans had previously theorized that she was the avatar of the Overwatch A.I. Athena or that she would be Hero 30, but Game Director Jeff Kaplan put the kibosh on that speculation.

New heroes are traditionally released in March, July, and November. We'll be getting Baptiste pretty soon and Overwatch Hero 31 will release sometime in July, but it probably won't be Echo. That means that we'll be getting to play her in November 2019 at the earliest. For now, at least Overwatch fans can look forward to playing Baptiste when he goes live in the game sometime soon.

Who do you think Overwatch Hero 31 will be? When do you think we'll actually get to play Echo? Let us know in the comments below!

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