Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 Event Is Now Live

Published: October 10, 2017 4:23 PM /


Overwatch Halloween Terror Zenyatta Cultist Skin Title Screen

The Halloween Terror 2017 event is now live in Overwatch according to the patch notes released on the game's official forums.

A few general changes to the game are being pushed through for Halloween Terror 2017 alongside the Junkenstein's Revenge event and new skins. The Ultimate charge change revealed in late September of this year is now in the game; pressing Q will wholly expend your Ultimate charge regardless of what happens afterward. Ultimates now have another counter threat on the board, too - any Ultimate ability that can be interrupted by a stun (such as McCree's flashbang) can now also be interrupted by Sombra's Hack. Dragonblade is no longer interrupted when Genji is stunned or hacked, and Orisa's Supercharger is interrupted when she's stunned or hacked.

A couple of UI changes have been made. The objective meter on Assault maps will fill up in three segments in the color of the team that is capturing it, and successfully completing one of the segments will play a sound and trigger an animation to make it obvious that it has been captured. Additionally, both the number of defenders and attackers are shown under the capture progress meter. That's it for the major general changes.

Overwatch players have two PvE options in Halloween Terror 2017: Junkenstein's Revenge and Junkenstein Endless. Each of these two modes offers up a potential loot box for a victory. The classic game mode features the return of Ana, Hanzo, McCree, and Soldier:76 as the selectable characters for the mission. Endless mode adds Genji, Torbjörn, Widowmaker, and Zenyatta as additional choices to the roster.

Of course, it wouldn't be an Overwatch event without some new skins (some of which were leaked a few days ago) to check out, so here's a gallery of all of the goodies up for grabs for players lucky enough to get them in a loot box:

Last year's Halloween Terror items are discounted to normal prices as had happened with the 2017 Summer Games. However, a specific change is taking effect this year regarding the tombstone victory poses according to a separate thread posted simultaneously with the patch notes. The "RIP" tombstone poses will not drop in loot boxes for any heroes with the exception of Reaper as the development team felt that they didn't fit the personality of the individual heroes. Players will still be able to purchase them for 75 Credits apiece, but they will not drop in loot boxes. The pumpkin-themed victory poses shown in the gallery above will drop in loot boxes as normal or can be purchased for three times the Credit price.

Finally, Blizzcon Virtual Ticket holders are able to get a new exclusive Blizzcon 2017 Winston Skin right now. A number of other small changes and bug fixes have been put into Overwatch with this patch; be sure to read the full patch notes for all the details. The Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 event ends on November 1, 2017.

What do you think of the new skins shown off in the Halloween Terror 2017 event for Overwatch? What's your favorite? What do you think of the changes made to Ultimate abilities? Let us know in the comments below!


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