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Overwatch Beta Returns With Cosmetic Loot

Gaming article by Alex Santa Maria on Tuesday, February 9, 2016 - 16:54

Those lucky individuals who were accepted into Blizzard's ongoing Overwatch beta will be pleased to know that the floodgates have been opened once again, only this time with a few more reasons to play. Namely, Blizzard have made the Team Fortress 2 comparisons even more apt by adding hats to the game, along with all sorts of other cosmetic doodads to outfit your characters and profile.


Every time your account levels up in Overwatch, you will get a loot box. Inside this box will be player icons, skins, emotes, sprays, voice lines, victory poses and introductions for game highlights featuring your characters. If you happen to find duplicate loot as you play, that loot will be converted into credits that you can then spend on items you don't already have unlocked. Blizzard was also quick to note that the loot will be in various rarities, all matching up to the Diablo color scheme that you know and love.


As of right now, loot boxes are only available when an account levels up, although there are plans in the works to offer them for real money as well. Blizzard continues to roll accounts into the Overwatch beta, and you can keep track of when your hopes and dreams are crushed by not getting in by following along on their Twitter.


Quick Take

I'm impressed at just how many different cosmetics they were able to come up with for a game as simplistic as Overwatch. The animated highlight intros and the collectible voice lines are neat additions to the standard skins and icons. As a lapsed TF2 player myself, I've been impressed with what I've played so far, and can't wait to jump into the full release later this year. Just someone remind me not to spend all my money on loot boxes like I did with hats for the Pyro.

Are you waiting to get into the Overwatch beta? If you are in, how many characters did you try before you came to the conclusion that Reaper is the best one? Let us know in the comments below!

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