Nintendo Direct Announced For Tomorrow, Will Feature New Pikmin 4 Info And More

Published: June 20, 2023 10:20 AM /


A plain banner announcing the Nintendo Direct tomorrow

Nintendo has announced a brand new Nintendo Direct presentation that's set to air tomorrow. It'll include information about upcoming Switch games, as usual, and there will be a focus on next month's Pikmin 4, with new info about the miniature RTS incoming.

The last Nintendo Direct presentation aired in February and revealed the Pikmin 4 release date, as well as a release date for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and a reveal for a new Professor Layton game. Tomorrow's Nintendo Direct will, according to Nintendo, focus "mainly on Nintendo Switch titles launching this year". It'll run for around 40 minutes.

As well as those games, we'll also be getting "new details" about Pikmin 4, although we don't know what those details will be just yet. It's likely we'll get an in-depth look at how gameplay will work for the latest in Captain Olimar's adventures (although he's not the protagonist this time around), so if you've been waiting to see how Pikmin 4 ticks, tomorrow could well be your time.

The protagonist watching as their Pikmin fight an enemy in Pikmin 4, due to take the spotlight in tomorrow's Nintendo Direct
Pikmin 4 is getting some new info during tomorrow's Nintendo Direct.

What else could we see during tomorrow's Direct? Well, upcoming games on the Switch slate include the aforementioned new Layton game, as well as a new Fantasy Life installment, so we could hear more about both of those, since they don't yet have release dates. Expect a few new games to be announced as well, and there's an outside chance we could get a tease for the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC, although we might not get release dates.

Obviously, the twin elephants in the room also need to be addressed here. Since Hollow Knight Silksong didn't get a look-in during the rest of this year's summer gaming events, it'd be nice to hear from Team Cherry on that front (even though it looks like the game is going to take a little longer). Lastly, it's extremely unlikely that we'll hear anything about Metroid Prime 4, but even a first look at some early concept shots would be nice. Hey, it's "mainly" games launching this year, right? There's room for some that aren't!

In any case, you can tune into the Nintendo Direct presentation tomorrow at 10am Eastern (that's 7am Pacific). Of course, we'll have all the news from the Direct for you then as well.


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