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Nintendo Direct

Another Nintendo Direct has just ended, after the short Pokemon Direct from last week Nintendo had another chance to show off to fans what they can look forward to in the upcoming months. Leaks seem to be the theme as of late for these Nintendo Directs though as this morning the contents of this Nintendo Direct were leaked. This Nintendo Direct was meant to show titles for both WiiU and Nintendo 3DS that are planned for release through the summer of this year.

To start the Nintendo Direct Shigeru Miyamoto shows off the current state of Star Fox Zero. Zero will keep a lot of the themes that have been persistent since the original Star Fox games such as branching paths and unlockable areas but will expand even further requiring you to shift into walker mode to trigger some split paths. During your journey to face Andross you will encounter a variety of bosses and even Star Wolf and his team along the way. Star Fox Zero will also have a multiplayer mode where one player will steer the arwing with the pro controller and another can use the WiiU gamepad to aim and fire the weapons. Amiibo support will allow you to also fly the classic SNES arwing through the beautiful new stages, there will be more features tied to Amiibo but they weren't mentioned.

A spin-off title named Star Fox Guard will also be releasing at the same time as Star Fox Zero where you play as Slippy's uncle in a tower defence styled game. It's up to you to monitor 12 camera's and stop any robots from getting through your base. After playing the preset stages you are also able to create your own for your own amusement or to upload for others to play.

Star Fox Guard
An interesting camera system that will have you keeping an eye out for enemies.

If you purchase Star Fox Zero at retail then it will come bundled with Star Fox Guard or if you choose to purchase the game digitally then they can be purchased as a bundle or separately. Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard will be available for the WiiU on April 22nd 2016.

Star Fox Zero Box

Splatoon will be getting a couple of new updates ranging from balance updates to a whole new slew of weapons. The balance update will be available on the 8th of March and the new weapons will be releasing in two seperate parts, the first of which will be available during April.

Super Mario Maker will also be getting updates in the near future including skewers, keys, key doors and pink keys. You will be required to collect all pink coins in a stage before you will be able to make a key appear. This functionality forces players to explore stages further and even force you into boss battles. This update will be releasing next week on the 9th of March. Some statistics were also released for Mario Maker including over 6.2 million courses made over the 6 months that the game has been released.

The free-to-play online co-op game, Lost Reavers, allows players to delve deep into dungeons and take on zombies and more. On your journey you explore with a team of up to three friends. You will take on bosses for loot and have to make your way all the way back to the surface to reap the benefits. With this loot you can get more weapons, armor, and spoils to improve your character for the next dungeon. Lost Reavers will be available for the WiiU on April 28th but there will be an Open Beta starting on April 14th.

Paper Mario
Help rescue the Islanders!

A new color themed Paper Mario title is coming to WiiU as Paper Mario: Color Splash. Paper Mario lands on Prism Island and finds that the color of the island has been washed away. Using a paint hammer you will need to re-color the world and save all the inhabitants of the island. In the battles you will need to color cards to use them as special attacks against your foes. Paper Mario: Color Splash will be hitting WiiU some time during 2016.

The My Nintendo point system has just begun and with it you will get points by playing Nintendo apps and by purchasing games digitally. Free to Play Mini Mario and Friends: Amiibo Challenge is coming to the Nintendo 3DS on April 28th. This game is a Mario vs Donkey Kong style game where the Mario series Amiibo that you use will come to life in game with their own abilities. If you purchase a Mario series Amiibo from March 25th then you will get a download code giving you early access to the game. In further Amiibo news June 10th brings a new set of Animal Crossing Amiibo cards as well as two Isabella statue Amiibo.

SNES Releases on N3DS 2
Just three of the titles that will be coming to the New 3DS

The New Nintendo 3DS is getting a variety of exclusive titles. Starting off is Virtual Console SNES titles such as Super Mario World, F-Zero, and Earthbound. The first wave of these SNES games will be available on the 3rd of March with more becoming available throughout march and April.

The third portion of the Fire Emblem Fates series titled Revelation will be releasing on the 10th of March for $19.99. Continuing on from the story of the other two Fates games Revelation will wrap up the trilogy. Two more maps are getting released as DLC for Fire Emblem Fates giving you access to new weapons and characters. Each of these maps will be available for $2.50 or for free if you purchase the Map Pack 1.

The Game Will help Direct you to the DLC
The Game Will help Direct you to the DLC

Hyrule Legends Warriors for the 3DS is only 3 weeks away and with it players will be able to take on hordes of enemies. As well as the already announced characters Medli will also be joining in the battles. A season pass will be available at launch giving players access to all 4 planned DLC packs. Purchasing this season pass will also give you access to a Wind Waker Ganon skin.

Bravely Second: End Layer is a couple of months away and with it news about some new jobs has been revealed. As well as the standard monk, warrior and knight there is also a wizard that can cast spells in tandem with mages of various colors as well as a catmancer. The catmancer will take the abilities of monsters you fight, teach them to cats, and then use them in battle in exchange for treats. A demo for Bravely Second will also be available for free on the 10th of March. Just like the demo for the first game in the series playing this demo will also allow you to carry over stats to the full game.

Monster Hunter X is coming to the west as Monster Hunter Generations, with plenty of new features there is a lot to look forward to. A trailer was then shown for Monster Hunter Generations. This trailer shows off new foes, new abilities, and puts an emphasis on multiplayer connectivity. it will be coming Summer of 2016 and anyone who plays Generations with MH4U save data on their 3DS you will get bonus content. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will also be getting a discount on the eStore for the next 48 hours. A set of armor styled after Marth will be available in Monster Hunter Generations for fans of both franchises to work towards.

Monster Hunter Generations Marth

Releasing for the New Nintendo 3DS this Spring more information has finally been released on Metroid Prime Federation Force. Since its initial development began in 2009 the experience has been changed multiple times but will now focus on the battles between the Galactic Federation and the Space Pirates. Samus wont be a playable character but will be appearing during the main story of the game. The multiplayer elements of this game will require players to play a role. Items like health refills and missiles all have a weight that you are limited on so you'll have to decide whether you want to be a warrior or a healer. This title will be releasing in late Spring 2016.

Kirby Clash

The final announcement of the direct was that Kirby would be returning to the 3DS in Kirby Planet Robobot on the 10th of June. This classic Kirby title will have you platforming through a 2D world as invaders have mechanized dreamland. If the copy abilities weren't enough to take on these new foes then you can take control of enemy mechs to unleash super powerful attacks. On top of the story there is also a Team Kirby Clash mode where you team up with three friends to take on powerful boss fights. You will gain exp and levels as you play allowing your Kirby to take on even more powerful foes. This Team Kirby mode will also be downloadable so if your friend has a 3DS but not the game they will be able to play with you regardless. As is the trend with Nintendo titles Kirby Planet Robobot will also have Amiibo support with different characters giving you different copy abilities. A new line of Kirby Amiibo including Kirby, MetaKnight, King Dee Dee and Waddle Dee will also be released with the game and can give Kirby the exclusive UFO ability in game.

If you want to watch the full Nintendo Direct then you can below:

What do you think of all of the Nintendo news? Which of these titles are you most excited for? Are there any games you wanted to see talked about that weren't?

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