New Steam Client Interface Leaked

Published: June 13, 2019 6:00 PM /


New Steam Client Interface Leaked

The first rumblings that Valve planned to update the interface of Steam came about during GDC 2019. We saw a brief glimpse of the Steam Library interface, and some details from Valve employees, but not much more than that. Now Steam Database managed to snatch a few screenshots, which leaked through an update to the Chinese Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launcher. You can see the screenshots on the tweet if you click below (they're not the best quality, however), or read on for our own coverage of it.

The first screenshot, which we included in our header, shows the Steam Library itself looking more streamlined, on par with other platforms, also a bit similar to the Big Picture mode which has existed for many years now. You have your gallery of Recent Games over your Complete Collection, and above it, you have Your Game Updates, showing which games had a new patch so you can either confirm or postpone them most likely. It looks like the game covers or header picture now have more of a portrait dimension, and it seems most games will have to update them.

New Steam Client Interface Leaked

The game page now includes a more panoramic view of the game, as we see this Euro Truck Simulator 2 screenshot showing a sprawling landscape behind the truck. Most of the information looks quite standard and not unlike the game pages we get on the client now. It just seems everything is more compartmentalized now rather than a single scroll page. It's nice to see the DLC in the corner, making it easier to install or uninstall them, as right now we need to go into the game properties to have them installed or uninstalled, so that's an improvement.

New Steam Client Interface Leaked

Doesn't look like the achievements changed much, but the trading cards and the badges now show on the game page itself other than the Badges page, which is also useful. Steam Database also pointed out a new hover effect for trading cards, which you can see in the tweet below. Other than that, there hasn't been any new leaks or updates.

What do you think of the update Steam Library interface? Is it sleeker or just barely an improvement? Let us know in the comments below!

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