New Shooters 'Sprawl' and 'Neon Beasts' Revealed by Rogue Games

Published: August 14, 2021 8:00 PM /


Rogue Games Sprawl Neon Beasts cover

Two new first-person shooters have been announced by Rogue Games at Realms Deep 2021 — get ready for Sprawl and Neon Beasts, a pair of stylish shooters that are arriving on PC and console next year.

Rogue Games is a publishing company that tends to focus on putting out games that are a little different from the norm. One such example is the upcoming game Swordcar, a fast-paced combat driving game about a card with a sword on it. Today's Realms Deep show has now revealed two more additions to the Rogue Games family: Sprawl and Neon Beasts.

Scale Walls with Sprawl

The first of the two new Rogue Games titles is Sprawl, a gritty first-person shooter created by Hannah Crawford and Carlos Lizarraga. You take on the role of "Seven," a cybernetically-enhanced character that has the ability to scale walls.

That's not Seven's only power, though — Seven can harvest adrenaline from dead enemies and use it to slow down time and land some precision shots. You'll have to balance managing your adrenaline reserves and ammo while also picking the right weapon for the situation. The enemies in the trailer look like they can be pretty tough, too, so you're gonna need the skills to pay the bills for this game.

When is the Sprawl Release Date?

The Sprawl release date will be sometime in 2022; it will launch on both PC and consoles. A specific release date has not yet been revealed.

Neon Beasts Oozes Style

The second game announced at Realms Deep 2021 is Neon Beasts, a vibrant first-person shooter created by Sean Ryan. While Sprawl is more about precision movements and careful shot placement, Neon Beasts does things a little differently.

The gangs of Miami have united and taken over the town. You'll be playing as "Beast," a monstrous warrior who had to cut through hordes of enemies with high-powered guns. Your ultimate goal is to make your way up to the Onyx Tower and kill a man named Vincent — but you're gonna have to kill a hell of a lot of people to get there. There's another nod to older-school shooters, too — the streets and buildings of Miami are positively packed with secrets, audio logs, and power-ups for you to discover!

When is the Neon Beasts Release Date?

As with Sprawl, the Neon Beasts release date will be sometime in 2022. This game will also be arriving on PC and consoles, although there isn't a specific release date just yet.

These two new shooters being published by Rogue Games look pretty darn cool. There are no Steam pages up just yet; for now, you can learn more about these upcoming titles (and other great games) on Rogue Games' website.

What do you think of Sprawl and Neon Beasts? What's your favorite fast-paced shooter in recent memory? Let us know in the comments below!


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