Nintendo Announces New Range Of Pastel-Colored Joy-Cons, Coming This Month

Published: June 2, 2023 3:49 AM /


The new range of pastel-colored Joy-Cons coming to Switch in late June

Nintendo has announced a new range of pastel-colored Joy-Cons that you'll be able to buy later this month. The range includes four Joy-Con colors and lands on June 30th, so you should have some extra options when it comes to accessorizing your console for the start of the summer.

This new Joy-Con range was announced over on the official Nintendo Twitter account. Nintendo invites its fans to "kick off [their] summer in style" with the new line of controllers, announcing the release date at the same time. The colors consist of pastel shades of purple, green, pink, and yellow.

It's not quite clear whether you'll be able to buy each Joy-Con separately or whether they'll come in pairs. Nintendo does sell some Joy-Cons separately, but they're mostly sold as pairs, so we'll have to wait and see. The new pastel Joy-Cons aren't live on the Nintendo Store to pre-order yet, either.

A full view of the four new colors of Joy-Con coming in late June
Which one do you like best?

That's not all Nintendo has in store for June 30th, though. The gaming giant has also announced a surprise release date for Everybody 1-2 Switch!, a sequel to the 2017 Switch launch title 1-2 Switch. Like the original, it looks like Everybody 1-2 Switch! will be a minigame compilation with an emphasis on party play, and it'll be available in both physical and digital form. The original 1-2 Switch wasn't exactly received unanimously positively, so it remains to be seen whether this one can improve on the formula.

Both the new range of Joy-Cons and Everybody 1-2 Switch! will be available for Nintendo Switch on June 30th. The new game probably won't hit the same sales highs as the phenomenally successful The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but it could be a nice little summer distraction for Nintendo's console anyhow. Stay tuned for more Nintendo Switch news as and when we get it.


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