A New Nintendo Switch Controller is In Development

Published: September 16, 2021 2:00 PM /


New Nintendo Switch controller FCC filing cover

An FCC filing indicates that a new Nintendo Switch controller is in development. Details on the controller are light, and odds are we won't hear anything about it for quite some time.

The Nintendo Switch has proven to be a solid console in its own right, with one notable exception -- its Joy-Con controllers have a problem with "drifting." This drifting issue has resulted in several lawsuits, most recently back in January 2021. Now, a new filing with the Federal Communications Commission indicates that a new Nintendo Switch controller is on the way.

New Nintendo Switch controller FCC filing slice

What We Know About the New Nintendo Switch Controller

VGC has the details on a very brief FCC filing talking about the potential new Nintendo Switch controller. There's not a whole lot at first glance, but careful examination of the documents reveals some interesting details.

Let's start with the model number: this mysterious new product is referred to as model HAC-043. The Nintendo Switch and all of its associated products have model numbers beginning with the "HAC" prefix, so this is almost certainly a Nintendo Switch peripheral. (Also, Nintendo doesn't really have any other gaming consoles at the moment, so what else could it be for?)

Another indication about the nature of this device is a report on radio interference for wireless signals. The test documents note that the device was plugged into Nintendo's AC adapter, and that's a good indicator that it has a USB-C port like the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Nintendo most recently released an update for Bluetooth audio devices for its console, but there's no indication as to whether or not this device has Bluetooth support just yet.

Those two facts combined are pretty good indicators that this is a new Nintendo Switch controller, although the possibility remains that it could be some other type of peripheral entirely. Unfortunately, we don't have much more in the way of details; Nintendo has requested that the FCC keep surrounding documentation secret for the next six months to prevent any of its rival companies from using the information on a product that it has not yet released.

That six-month secrecy period also means that Nintendo will likely publicly reveal this new device (whatever it is) within that timeframe. If you're in the market for a new Nintendo Switch controller right now, why not check out our review of the PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller for the Switch? You can grab one for yourself right now on Amazon.

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What would you want to see in a new Nintendo Switch controller? Have you experienced any issues with Joy-Con drift? Let us know in the comments below!


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