PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller For Nintendo Switch Review

The PowerA fusion pro wireless controller for Nintendo Switch is a great controller with just a few small things that let down its premium design

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PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller For Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a pretty great console. With the freedom to play it entirely in handheld mode, it’s versatile and has a great selection of games to back that up. That being said, I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out playing FPS games. They just never quite feel right for me on the pretty big hardware of the Switch. A good controller will fix that; a great controller will make you never want to go back. The PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch sits somewhere in between. 

How Does It Look?

The PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller is a great-looking controller. Taking inspiration from Xbox and Nintendo, it's bulky and sturdy, looking very similar to PowerA’s Xbox controller. With a changeable faceplate, you can have a white front with red details or a full black remote without having to purchase a new one. This ability to change its look on the fly is a nice touch that gives some longevity to its use. Not only does this mean you can replace a part if it breaks, but it gives something a little refreshing after a while. 

PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller For Nintendo Switch

The controller bears a nice Nintendo Switch logo on the very front of it and all the buttons and triggers have small details, leaving it sleek and not too flashy, a nice combo. Looking at the top and around the sides, there is little worth mentioning on its looks. It just generally looks rather nice without any central visual gimmicks. 

How Does It Feel?

The PowerA Fusion Pro feels great in the hands with textured grips at the back and a very light design. It is a bulky controller but not very heavy, leaving it sturdy but easy to move around with ease. Where the PS4 Fusion Pro may fatigue your hands after too long a session, this controller definitely won’t. Those textured grips will keep the controller in even the most clammy gamer’s hands and should stop it sliding off surfaces when you put it down. 

Controllers and buttons feel precise and give a pleasant click when pressed, a nice bonus to a decent feel. There’s just something satisfying about using this controller that comes from that premium design. This design allows for a lot of customization, from the triggers at the back to the face at the front. Like the previous Fusion Pro controllers, they come with a small panel at the back that allows for four extra arm buttons. You can remap any control to these, allowing the greater use of some harder-to-reach buttons. 

PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller For Nintendo Switch

You can switch from USB to Bluetooth from the back, allowing for a wired connection to PC and a program button allows you to remap buttons to how you want them, but there is a noticeable lack of trigger locks like those found in PowerA controllers. Where they can customize your trigger buttons, the Switch version cannot. This disappointment is replaced by the presence of a 3.5m aux jack at the bottom of the controller, allowing you to plug your own headset in, a nice touch to a platform that is unfriendly to comms. 

The battery life on this controller is great, and I’ve practically never found it flat. Just passively charging it when I think about it was more than enough to keep it alive and running for long sessions. It comes with a nice USB to USB C cable that feels long and sturdy - a great addition to any player who games in bed. 

This is something this controller offers — convenience. It is a decent bit above its competitors in regards to price but I’ve had no issues with it and found it consistently in my hand when booting up the Nintendo Switch. It does have its own issues, like a lack of rumble and no trigger locks, but the controller you get in return for that price is comfortable, well put together, and all round very solid. Unfortunately, at such a big price, you don’t tend to expect tradeoffs and this controller has just a few too many to not mention it.

PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch — Verdict

The PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller is a premium controller and it knows it. With tons of upgrade options, a great feel, and an even better look, it really is an impressive piece of hardware. This being said, its very premium price and lack of rumble leave me wondering if it could be just that little bit better. This is currently my go-to controller for the Nintendo Switch, but I imagine their next outing on the Nintendo Switch will dethrone it. 

The PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch was provided by PowerA and is available from their site now or here via Amazon

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The PowerA fusion pro wireless controller for Nintendo Switch is a great controller with just a few small things that let down its premium design (Review Policy)

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