Nintendo Switch Update Enables Bluetooth Audio Devices

Nintendo has released information on their upcoming Switch update, Version 13.0.0, which includes Bluetooth audio device support.

Published: September 14, 2021 9:32 PM /


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In a tweet today, Nintendo of America announced it was finally cutting the cord with the Nintendo Switch's newest update by allowing Bluetooth audio devices to connect to the console, providing Switch owners with a much-desired feature.

Now, Nintendo Switch owners can use video applications like Pokemon TV on the Switch without fiddling with pesky audio cables.

On top of the original tweet, Nintendo of America released patch notes for the latest update, Version 13.0.0.

Pairing Bluetooth device option for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Ver 13.0.0 Information

Bluetooth Audio Support

Bluetooth audio support was added for the Nintendo Switch, but there are a few caveats to using this new feature. While using the Bluetooth audio feature for the Nintendo Switch, users can have up to two wireless controllers connected to the system at a time. Bluetooth audio is not supported while players user local wireless communication, which means you cannot locally connect to another Nintendo Switch console to play while using Bluetooth audio. The use of a microphone with Bluetooth audio is also not supported.

Update Dock Settings

Both the Nintendo Switch and the new Nintendo Switch - OLED Model now can download software updates with the LAN port. This feature is not available on the Nintendo Switch Lite since it cannot be docked.

Internet Connection Settings

A new setting was added which allows users to maintain an internet connection on the Nintendo Switch while the device rests in sleep mode. This new feature, which is enabled by default, allows for software and add-ons to be downloaded while the Switch is sleeping (a feature available to both Xbox and PlayStation consoles). Disabling the feature will only allow periodic connections to internet when in sleep mode, which will decrease the rate at which the battery drains. Additionally, users can now check whether their internet connection is using 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency bands in system settings.

Control Stick Calibration Changes

Through system settings, users can navigate through Controilers and Sensors to Calibrate Control Sticks, where fully tilting the control stick in any direction for a few seconds will begin calibration. 

This information comes shortly after reports that the base Nintendo Switch console will be receiving a price decrease in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Eurogamer reports that Nintendo of Europe has decided to change the trade price of the base Nintendo Switch console due to "a variety of factors, including currency exchange rates and the upcoming launch of Nintendo Switch - OLED Model." This change will not affect the Nintendo Switch Lite or the Nintendo Switch - OLED Model.

According to Stephen Totilo, Nintendo has no plans to change the suggested retail price of any of the Nintendo Switch models in the U.S.

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