You Can Now Watch Pokemon TV on Nintendo Switch

Published: August 26, 2021 1:35 PM /


Pokemon TV Nintendo Switch Home cover

The Pokemon TV app has arrived on Nintendo Switch, allowing you to watch your favorite Pokemon anime episodes on your Nintendo console — and you can get it for free.

Pokemon is a blockbuster media franchise worth billions of dollars. While the games are one of the biggest draws, it also has several popular manga and anime series that have come out over the years.


It's been a pretty good week for Pokemon fans with Niantic's reason decision to reverse an unpopular decision about interaction distance. Now, a new dedicated media app has arrived on the Nintendo Switch that allows you to watch pretty much all of the Pokemon anime you want.

Pokemon TV Nintendo Switch Series

How the Pokemon TV Nintendo Switch App Works

The Pokemon TV Nintendo Switch app is pretty straightforward — simply download it from the Nintendo eShop and you can get right to watching your favorite episodes of the Pokemon anime.


A handful of Pokemon movies are available aside from the Pokemon anime, and that's not all — you can also watch Pokemon Players Cup, a series of tournaments for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The younger fans out there can enjoy a variety of sing-alongs instead.

It's a pretty sweet deal, but it's not entirely perfect. The app doesn't give you access to all episodes of the Pokemon anime, although there is a fair amount of content available nonetheless. Unfortunately, the anime purists out there will be sad to hear that I couldn't find any way to switch to the Japanese language dub, either.

So, what's the catch? Well... there really isn't one, aside from the general availability of some anime seasons. Nintendo has had episodes of Pokemon available to watch for free online through the franchise's official website for ages now, so the Pokemon TV Nintendo Switch app is just an interface for a program that is already well-established. You can download the Pokemon TV Nintendo Switch app for free right now via the Nintendo eShop.


What do you think of this new media app for the Nintendo Switch? What's your favorite season of the Pokemon anime? Let us know in the comments below!



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