Need For Speed Heat Studio App Adds Augmented Reality Feature

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Need For Speed Heat Studio App Adds Augmented Reality Feature

September 13, 2019

By: Joseph Allen

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October 8, 2019 (Calendar)
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Need For Speed Heat Studio, the companion app to upcoming racer Need for Speed Heat, has added an augmented reality feature.

The new Need for Speed Heat Studio augmented reality feature allows you to take your custom car and drop it anywhere in your real-world environment. Naturally, you'll need a phone that's compatible with augmented reality to do this. Most newer phones should have AR functionality, so if you can download and use the app then it's likely you can access its AR feature. There are some pretty neat extras that should help you admire your car as intended, too. The AR feature comes with shadow and reflection integration, so the cars should look like they blend into their environment. You can also scale and rotate your car to view it at the angle and size you want.

The Need for Speed Heat Studio app launched last month for Android and iOS. It allows players to create and customize their ideal cars. When Need for Speed Heat launches, you'll be able to use your custom creations within the main game. According to the Need for Speed Heat PR team, players have spent an average of 24 minutes in-app to create their custom cars. Users have created over 2 million unique custom cars since the app launched. The most popular car models are all Nissan. The 180sx 1996, the Skyline GT-R Vspec1999, and the 350Z have all seen more use than any other make or model in the app.


Need for Speed Heat is the 24th game in the Need for Speed racing series. Originally announced in August this year, it'll launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 8th. Every week until that date, Need for Speed Heat Studio will add more cars for you to tinker with. You can download the app right now on Android and iOS devices.

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