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01/15/2021 - 09:10 | By: Joseph Allen
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A new Moving Out update is arriving soon. Snappily titled "Moving In", the update flips Moving Out's chaotic gameplay on its head and instead asks you to move items into a home. It'll be coming to PC and consoles in the near future.

What can we expect from this new Moving Out update?

The new Moving Out update will be available in 12 of the original game's stages. Rather than moving things out of a house and throwing them into a removals van, you'll instead be asked to unpack that van and move items into your new home. This update is sure to challenge you and your fellow F.A.R.Ts (Furniture Arrangement and Relocation Technicians, hem hem) above and beyond what you're used to. You can check out the trailer for the new Moving Out update, "Moving In", below:

It's not just this new gameplay innovation coming to Moving Out in the update, though. The Moving In content update also allows you to customize your character's shirts, so you'll be able to change up your style. There's a new Auto Snap option available in the game's Assist mode to help you position items exactly where you want them. Last - but certainly not least - you can let loose with 2 brand-new dance moves: The Prospector and Loveshack. Let it never be said that you cannot express yourself through the medium of modern dance in Moving Out again.

Characters moving an item into a house in the new Moving Out update
"Moving In" turns Moving Out's chaotic gameplay on its head.

You'll be able to download the "Moving In" update for Moving Out "soon". Developers SMG Studio and Devm Games haven't made an exact release date clear yet, so watch this space for more news. When the update does arrive, it'll be completely free.

Will you be heading back into Moving Out to check out "Moving In"? Let us know in the comments below!

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