Monstrum Submits Players to a Horror Filled Challenge

Published: February 19, 2014 1:57 PM /


Stacked containers in port

Being stranded on a ship that is glazed with traps and has environmental hazards lurking throughout the location is cause enough to have concern. Then throw in another passenger who just so happens to be a deadly monster that’s feverishly hunting you and if you fall victim you will be forced to restart the entire game. Yeah, I’d say you will have more than a slight problem on your hands but it truly doesn’t stop there.

Monstrum is an upcoming first person survival horror game by Team Junkfish that aims to give gamers a challenge while reprimanding those who dare to make costly movements. Gamers will definitely be running, hiding, and tactically trying to coax the monster away from their location so they can weave through a route and escape the ship.

There will be no weapons to defend yourself against the creature so distractions such as leaving on a light in another room, turning on a radio, or throwing items are resourceful ways of ridding your direct location from the hunter. The game also showcases a procedurally generated ship that will change the layout each time the game is loaded.

Monstrum will boast three different monsters that house a variation of characteristics forcing players to figure out what enemy they are going to be facing before crafting an escape plan. Tension will rise as the threat of permadeath lingers in the air. If you die not only will you need to start from scratch but you will be placed in a new map with a new hunter that will provide a completely different experience.

Team Junkfish has stated that the game will support Oculus Rift and will be arriving Q3 2014 on PC with plans to arrive on Linux and Mac as well. There is currently a greenlight campaign on Steam for Monstrum if you would like to vote for the game or gather more information just head over here.

Let me know what you think about Monstrum and if you will be voting for the game

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