Modders Trying To Rescue Final Fantasy VI PC Port

Published: December 24, 2015 4:59 PM /


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In a valiant effort to help make one of the most beloved games of all time look better, Steam users have come out to help salvage the controversial Final Fantasy VI PC Port. Released only days ago, the Final Fantasy VI PC Port picked up a lot of backlash when it was revealed that it was using the graphics from the mobile port that "updated" it to a less classic appearance.

The mobile 'updated' appearance of Final Fantasy VI
The mobile 'updated' appearance of Final Fantasy VI

There were other issues which many users reported, such as the game having poor controls from the mobile version and on launch the game did not work in steam's offline mode, although this was fixed not too long after release.

The sprites, the filters, and other various aspects turned many people off of the game, and that was where the Steam community stepped in. In the Final Fantasy Modding group a thread was opened about modifying Final Fantasy VI to fix some of the issues with the game. Users have responded to the thread with some fixes for the game, especially Jed Lang (aka Nyxo), and they have been posted in the group for people to get. While not everything is fixed yet, the biggest thing that Jed has fixed thus far is the removal of the bilinear filter that many people complained about.

A discussion between group moderator and Final Fantasy V modder Krisan Thyme and indie developer Lars Doucet on the Steam thread covers some of what has been fixed and what remains to be done with the game covers some of the difficulties as well as what has been completed. Apparently a fixing of translation errors will be very difficult as like Final Fantasy V, the text is baked right into the executable. 

It appears that like Final Fantasy V, there will be sprites coming soon to Final Fantasy VI that will bring the game's appearance more in line with the classic, and the modifier that Jed is using was posted on Twitter:

It's far from finished but it appears that the community may be able to rescue the poor job that Square Enix has done with the release of this classic title. If you feel like picking Final Fantasy VI up on Steam, it normally runs $15.99 but is an enormous 10% off right now for the Winter Sale at $14.39.

What are your thoughts on Square Enix's latest port? Would you buy this on Steam? Do you think the last few Final Fantasy ports have been in acceptable condition for their price? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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