Microtransactions, Release Details Announced for Lost Dimension

Published: May 13, 2015 6:26 PM /


Lost Dimension Header

Today Atlus has confirmed various details regarding the launch of the previously announced PS3/Vita Tactical RPG Lost Dimension; including the release date, details regarding pre-order bonuses (along with some questionable micro-transactions) and more.

First off; the title will see an North America release on July 28th; and much like with Etrian Mystery Dungeon, the title will feature a portion of free DLC on launch. Such bonuses include purely cosmetic gear, a collection of some free PSN Avatars, a few DLC missions, and an extra story mission. None of these items are exclusive to players that pre-order, but after 2 weeks is up, the content will no longer be free - and instead will be available for purchase. According to Atlus, the included DLC missions won't supply much in way of exp. or in-game currency - though completing each mission at the highest rank will award special equipment for use in-game.

Along with these new pre-order details; Atlus has outlined their plans for some various micro transaction-laced Downloadable Content. Likened as temporary consumable boosts - though some items may give a permanent boost to some stats - these pieces of DLC will only be usable a set amount of times before needing to be refilled. When questioned regarding the microtransactions, Atlus PR claimed that the items would only be consumables that expired after one or a few uses. Nevertheless; the items will range from a price of $.49 to $2.99, and will be available starting on launch. Interestingly enough; Atlus claims that these "consumables" might be useful when dealing with the Judgment mechanic in-game (where a character is chosen to be removed from existence) as perhaps a means of helping other characters pick up the slack.

Finally; Atlus has released a trailer outlining some of the characters that will appear in the game, as well as some information regarding their abilities (attached below!), but for anything else - we'll keep you updated! But before that; what are your thoughts regarding the title? Are micro-transactions too aggressive for a singleplayer title, that doesn't support any sort of multiplayer or online play?


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