Microsoft Flight Simulator Free Boeing 787-9, Dash 7, & Winnipeg Airport Available Now

For your daily dose of Microsoft Flight Simulator news, the free Boeing 787-9, the Dash 7, and Winnipeg Airport have been released. Boeing Field and McAllen Airport have been announced.

Published: October 28, 2023 7:35 AM /


Microsoft Flight Simulator 787-9 and Dash 7

Microsoft and third-party developers shared news about Microsoft Flight Simulator and new upcoming add-ons, while some have been released. 

First of all, we learn that Microsoft will release the beta of Sim Update 14 early next week. As usual, this is a volunteer endeavor, and those who participate should expect problems and issues. It's intended to be a test, after all.

Secondly, the delayed Famous Flyer 07 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries MU-2 will finally launch next week. It was supposed to launch at Tokyo Game Show, but contractual issues held it back. 

The Mitsubishi MU-2 in front of Mount Fuji

Moving on to third-party developers, Horizon Simulations launched its free Boeing 787-9. It's now available on and on the Headwind Simulations installer.

While it's free, you need to own the Premium Deluxe edition of the sim that includes the 787-10 to use it. It comes with the following goodies.

  • EFB Enhancements
    • Added EFB performance calculations for the -9 and both engine types (Credit: Kuro).
    • Doors page added to the EFB (Credit: Toby).
  • Model Enhancements
    • Exterior model now features grime, dirt, markings, and more (Credit: Max).
    • SATCOM added to the model (Credit: Kuro/Max).
    • New default wing textures (Credit: Max).
    • RR and GE engines are now split into two separate aircraft in MSFS menu (Credit: Toby C).
    • Engine cowlings now have a more realistic grey/matte appearance (Credit: Toby C).
    • Engine fan blades have been reworked for better animations (Credit: Toby C).
    • Wingflex and engine vibrations have been tweaked (Credit: Andro).
    • Engine spinners have been recoloured (Credit: Toby C).
    • New Hublot/Parallax window textures.
    • Gear compression is now simulated (Credit: Rob B/Adam).
  • Lighting Enhancements
    • Exterior lighting has been completely reworked (Credit: Nico).
    • Cabin lighting now features "mood lighting" in the external view, depending on livery type (Credit: Toby C/Adam).
  • Cockpit Enhancements
    • Added correct engine displays based on engine type (Credit: Kuro).
    • Added Vbar option (Credit: Kuro).
  • Sound Enhancements
    • Added a new GEnx sound package (Credit: Heavy Division/Toby C).
  • Flight Model Enhancements
    • Flight model has been reworked to match -9 tables (Credit: Mark Sz/Rob B/Adam).
    • Fuel flow reworked to match the -9 figures (Credit: Rob B/Mark Sz/Adam).
    • Taxi model reworked to match -9 figures (Credit: Adam).
    • Tweaked idle thrust (Credit: Mark Sz).
    • Overhaul of flap configuration (Credit: Rob B/Adam).
    • Tweaked drag/lift values (Credit: Rob B/Adam).
    • Model matching (Wing area, aircraft length, fuselage width) (Credit: Mark Sz/Rob B).
  • Miscellaneous Enhancements:
    • Added GSX profiles (Credit: Simon).
    • Included a -9 Paintkit (Credit: Max/Kuro/Qbit).
    • Over 30 stunning liveries to choose from (Credit Max/Zaph/Hakon/Jason/Jordan/Raimbotrax/Silky/Javiation).
    • Added -9 tooltips (Credit: David N).
    • Corrected -9 description (Credit: David N).

Of course, we also get payware releases, starting with the de Havilland Canada Dash 7, which is now available on PILOT'S GesmbH's store for €19.99. 

It comes with the following features.

  • Developed from the ground-up for MSFS
  • Full support to integrate the TDS GTNXi and GNS 530 GPS units into the cockpit
  • Original steam gauge variant also included
  • Authentic and realistic gauges
  • Custom Sound Package
  • Authentic colour matching and simulated original materials
  • 4k Textures
  • Livery Air Greenland included
  • Livery Air Tindi included
  • Livery Berjaya Air included
  • Livery Brymon Airways included
  • Livery Continental included
  • Livery Tyrolean Airways included
  • Livery Pan Am included
  • Livery Trans World Express included
  • Livery Maersk included
  • Quick Start Manuals (POH in the works)



We also get a relevant airport, and it's FSSimStudios' Winnipeg International Airport (GYWG) in Canada. 

You can purchase it on Orbx Direct or Simmarket for $19.01. Here's what you get.

  • Incredibly detailed rendition of Winnipeg International Airport, featuring bespoke high-quality texturing all across.
  • Very detailed terminal building, featuring fully modeled interiors (can be deactivated for performance)
  • Highly detailed models of all airport buildings, objects and surroundings
  • Use of the latest MSFS SDK features for optimal optimization and performance
  • Fully modeled Turbine testing Facility, Western Canada Aviation Museum (old and new) and iconic Tim Hortons on RWY36
  • Very detailed, fully modeled Canadian Forces Base Winnipeg, featuring static C130s

Yet, that's not all, as we also get two airport announcements, starting with Drzewiecki Design, which revealed King County International Airport (KBFI) also known as Boeing Field near Seattle, United States.

This completes the trilogy of Boeing facilities after Paine Field and Renton. For now, we get to see only some of the new static aircraft designed for the airport.


Next is Fly2High, which announced McAllen Miller International Airport serving Hidalgo County in Texas, United States, right by the border with Mexico.

According to the developer, it'll be very affordable, albeit we have no further information on this.


And that's it for today. As usual, please keep in mind that here on TechRaptor we write daily Microsoft Flight Simulator news, so you can visit regularly to stay up to date with the many add-ons coming for the sim. 

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