Metal Gear Survive Has a Nod to Kojima, New Mission Type in March

Published: February 26, 2018 2:06 PM /



Now that Metal Gear Survive is out in the wild, Konami has started detailing some of the new features it will be bringing to the game over time, with one of those features being a brand new mission type that will be coming next month.

According to this update post on the Metal Gear Survive website, the game will be getting a new form of co-op missions called Rescue Missions sometime in March. Rescue Missions will be structured in a similar manner as the currently available Salvage Missions with players able to team up and attempt them cooperatively. However, instead of scavenging for supplies, Rescue Missions will task a team of players with finding and rescuing NPC soldiers out in the wasteland. The post also says that Rescue Missions will require a greater degree of coordination than Salvage Missions, though specific details on how they’ll play out are being kept under wraps for the time being.


Along with the Rescue Missions announcement, the post also details some of the daily and weekly missions players will be able to undertake along with the unique modifiers which help to spice them up. Each daily and weekly mission will use the same template and location as a standard co-op mission, but they’ll also include special modifiers that change up how both the player’s character and enemies function. These modifiers can include things like Hellfire (flame element damage increase), Gunsmoke (player firearm damage increase), Heavy Hitter (damage increase for all enemies), and Ashes to Ashes (equipment degrades more quickly) to name a few.

Meanwhile, evidence has surfaced that Metal Gear Survive may also contain a hidden nod to Kojima Productions, the team which was led by Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima prior to his ugly split with Konami in 2015 (Metal Gear Survive is the first Metal Gear game to have been created after Kojima left).

Additionally, after the KJP Forever message, it lists Bastard Yota and Cunning Yuji, seemingly a reference to Metal Gear Survive's director Yota Tsutsumizaki and producer Yuji Korekado. They are on it, both listed as AWOL.



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