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Despite wanting to attend and discussing it with host Geoff Keighley, Hideo Kojima was absent from the 2015 Game Awards. It appears that the rumors that he would be attending to represent Metal Gear Solid V were based in reality, as Keighley explained that a lawyer representing Konami told Kojima he would not be able to attend. Keighley explained that instead of attending Kojima was at home in Japan watching along with everyone else. Metal Gear Solid V won Best Action/Adventure game and Kiefer Sutherland accepted the award on Kojima’s behalf, Metal Gear Solid V also won Best Soundtrack. This was then followed up by an amazing performance by Stefanie Joosten of Quiet’s Theme  from the Metal Gear Solid V soundtrack.

This development comes after Kojima was supposedly on a “vacation” and as of right now the official statement is that Kojima hasn’t stopped working for Konami yet. This new development would seem to contradict that official statement, because it doesn’t make much sense for Konami to bar Kojima from attending The Game Awards if he is simply on “vacation”. If what Keighley says is true, things are definitely not going to be improving for Konami’s public image anytime soon. 

It should also be noted that Kojima did not attend the PlayStation Awards either this year where Metal Gear Solid V won a Platinum Prize, and two User Choice Prizes; Konami PR representatives accepted the PlayStation Awards. If this story develops further. So far neither Konami nor Kojima has acknowledged what Keighley has said besides Kojima retweeting this tweet by Keighley: 

and this tweet by @YongYea :

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  • Casey

    I’ve never seen a company try to burn as many bridges as they possibly can as quickly as they can.

    It’s like a time trial for them and they keep retrying for the best time. Meanwhile they keep checking the leaderboards to see how they stack up against EA and activision.

  • Hyrules

    At this point Konami could only top the rampant destruction of their positive PR and history with their customers and fans by publically posting a video of their entire executive board defecating onto the entire collection of games they’ve made.

    Before urinating on the original copies of all their various IPs, and then dousing them with gasoline and lighting them on fire.

  • MRAlias

    That’s really just a dick move. Way to spit on the man’s legacy with the company. You don’t want him anymore? Fine. But why treat him like this?

  • Reptile

    Don’t worry Kojima, Konami games will be barred from entering my collection from now on.

  • It’s difficult to view this as anything other than one last act of spite from a company plunging into irrelevance. They have all but tried to wipe Kojima’s name from the face of the earth and are using a contract to hold him hostage.

  • StrongStyleFiction

    Here’s a question, what is this supposed to accomplish for Konami? I’m not even outraged about this, just very confused.

  • JamesGoblin

    Get your rotten tomatoes ready in 3…2…1…

  • Sebastian Mikulec

    Come on folks, Kojima wasn’t able to attend because he was on “vacation”. Let the man enjoy his free time in peace.

    -shifty eyed emoticon-

  • Robert Grosso

    It really depends on the contract Kojima is under in the end. Truth be told, I doubt it really accomplishes anything in the end realistically, unless there is a lot of stuff behind the scenes we don’t know about between them.