Massive World of Tanks Update Adds New Tanks And Much More

Published: August 30, 2022 9:47 AM /


World of Tanks screenshot showing off the newly added Semovente M41 Tier V tank.

If you're looking for a reason to get back into World of Tanks, the latest World of Tanks update should give you that needed push. It comes with a new Italian tank branch, vehicle rebalancing that includes two Tier X tanks, a new map, map balance improvements, matchmaking changes, and much more. This World of Tanks update comes on the heels of two new development studios Wargaming opening in June, so hopefully big patches like this will arrive more often. Let's take a look at it, shall we? 

What can I expect in the new World of Tanks update?

Interestingly, the newest branch of tanks added to the game are Italian Tank Destroyers. They consist of six researchable vehicles from Tier V to Tier X, and each of the tanks "feature decent frontal armor and great gun depression angles, perfect for mid-range or close combat". The tanks from Tier VII to Tier X also come with an "unusual" autoloader, so be sure to check that out.

Regarding tank balance, the characteristics of two Tier X vehicles have been adjusted: the Kranvagn and the AMX M4 mle. The battle characteristics of the Emil II, AMX 65 t, T29, M44, TVP VTU Koncept, CS-44, and many other vehicles have also been adjusted. Depending on how the tanks have been doing against their Tiers, the adjusted tanks have either received a buff or nerf, which should come as a relief for some and a real bummer for others.

The latest map, Outpost, has been added to Random Battles. It combines open areas with city ruins and trenches, along with an outpost, which makes sense considering that's the name of the map. It's a rather attractive map with plenty of picturesque scenes to see.

A screenshot of the newest added map, Outpost. It shows off a castle and mountains from the latest World of Tanks update.
You might even be able to appreciate some scenery while you're blowing tanks to smithereens in the new World of Tanks update.

A total of 14 maps have been balanced for this patch, but six have received the most extensive changes: Berlin, Himmelsdorf, Pearl River, Murovanka, Redshire, and Glacier. On Glacier, for example, more cover has been added so slower vehicles can make it into the battle without getting obliterated. Other maps include reworks of cover and other areas, improved passageways, and terrain changes.

As expected, a new battle pass is also coming, which means that seven rare Tier IX vehicles will be available for purchase. There are also improved destroyed tank visuals that you'll be able to see for your new rare tanks as well as every other vehicle in the game. Basically, tracks will interact with objects as an "independent physics model", so you should notice an increased degree of realism when you're on the move.

How is matchmaking changing in this new World of Tanks update?

What also sounds great are the amount light and wheeled tank players will face each match. The matchmaker will now be stricter when assigning those types of light tanks to teams, and will "always try to ensure that both teams have an identical number of light tanks in each battle". There will be a limit of one wheeled tank per team, and no more than one Tier VII–X light/wheeled tank can can be placed in a platoon. 3 SPGs are also now the absolute limit that will be allowed in a game, which should come as a relief for players like me who keep getting dummied by them.

As for when the patch is available, you'll have to wait a bit. Servers will be down between 3:30 and 9:00 Eastern, although Wargaming doesn't state whether that's AM or PM. Suffice it to say you'll be out of action for a chunk of the day tomorrow, though.

While this isn't great if you're hankering for some tank on tank action, players with premium accounts will receive an additional 24 hours of premium time to make up for the maintenance period, which should make up for the delay.

For more information on the latest World of Tanks patch and everything coming out of Wargaming, stay tuned to TechRaptor.


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