Major Splatoon Update Set for Early August

Published: July 28, 2015 2:08 AM /


Wii U Splatoon Update

Nintendo has confirmed that an update is coming for the Wii U third-person shooter Splatoon. The new content will be free of charge and available for download on Thursday, August 6th. Here's what players can expect to see when the changes roll in.

Two New Matchmaking Modes

The August 6th update will introduce Squad Battle and Private Battle to the available matchmaking options. Squad Battle will allow Splatoon players to enter Ranked Battle matches with a team of their friends as opposed to being stuck with strangers through random selection. Private Battle is for friends only. Groups of 2 to eight friends can select from their favorite weapons, maps and game modes without any restriction on team balancing. One player versus seven is just as viable an option as one versus one in this mode.

Level Cap Revisions

Both Regular and Ranked battle modes will see increases to their level caps. The maximum level attainable for each will be 50 as opposed to 20. The update will also add two more rankings to the Ranked Match mode. Skillful players will now be able to strive for an S or S+ ranking instead of merely an A+.

New Weapon Types

Two new classes of weapon are expected to make an appearance as well. Sloshers fire in an adjustable arc that allows players to hit opponents hiding behind obstacles. Splatlings, on the other hand, are chargeable. Players willing to wait for them to reach critical mass will be rewarded with maximum inkage.

A Truckload of Gear

Nintendo promises that over 40 new outfits and accessories will be added on top of the gameplay changes. These goodies will be made available at the in-game shops and have yet to be revealed in full detail. A leather jacket and sushi chef costume have been confirmed, however. Knowing Nintendo's track record when it comes to character customization, it's safe to say that there will be crazy variety.

More to Come

Nintendo concluded it's announcement by promising that there will be more free content for Splatoon fans in the near future. By fall, players can expect yet another game mode called Rainmaker Ranked Battle, along with new maps and even more weapons.

The original post by Nintendo can be read at their UK site. More details on forthcoming updates are promised following the August 6th release.

What do you think of the new content? What do you think Splatoon might be missing?


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