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Published: June 30, 2016 9:53 PM /



Throughout the existence of Splatoon, inklings have loved to let their tentacles down and cut loose with a big party. All of Inkopolis gets down with a giant party, a concert with the Squid Sisters, and the traditional turf war competition. Splatfest is a beloved institution in Splatoon, and lively matches, special Miiverse tags, and unique t-shirts are always along for the fun. Now, the end of this practice is on the horizon: this month's Splatfest will be the last.

I know, I know, it can't be helped. Dry your eyes, get the wailing out of the way and bear with me. We've received word from...on high: Squid Research Lab, the official Nintendo outlet for Splatoon news, broke the news along with the announcement of the final theme: Callie vs. Marie. Yep, the most contentious rivalry of all time, the contest to end them all, much too literally. This is the to be the sixteenth Splatfest, and is scheduled near the end of July. The particulars were given as follows:

The showdown begins at 2 AM PT on Friday, July 22, until 2 AM PT on Sunday, July 24. This will be the last Splatfest extravaganza, and we’d like everyone to have a blast!

As a bonus on this special occasion, the maps used in the turf war will be determined by popular vote. All players with an email attached to their Nintendo Network ID will be receiving an email with voting instructions soon, and the voting ends on the 12th. The announcement in-game will come on Monday the fourth, and Splatfest activities will finally shutter after the last weekend of the month. Maybe they'll let us keep our t-shirts?

callie 4eva

This is a sad day for all Splatoon players. The atmosphere of friendly, hip competition that made the game so successful was epitomized in the Splatfest, and a player's first time seeing one gave a big sense of community and immersion. There's no explanation for why the events are ending, so we can only hope that the sadness now will eventually be tempered by sunnier news(Splatoon 2, perhaps?). For now, we should focus on making this final Splatfest the best ever and working to promote our side of what is surely the ultimate turf war, Callie vs Marie.

In an effort to leave use with some reassurance in the face of this news, let me leave you with words from the 24th of the Sunken Scrolls:

"Why are we here? For what purpose do we exist? We must not dwell on these questions. We can merely trust in the will of the universe and spend our days and nights in harmony with the world, celebrating this festival called Life."

Stay fresh, fellow inklings.


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