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Mages studio head Chiyomaru Shikura revealed that a localization of Robotics;Notes is in development, as well as Steam versions of Chaos;Child and Chaos;Head NoaH. The reveal came as part of a flurry of fan questions Chiyomaru was responding to on Twitter. Chiyomaru opened the floodgates by initially discussing Steins;Gate 0, which led to him discussing the state of various projects over at his studio, Mages. With the Steam release of Steins;Gate 0 firmly behind us, it makes sense that Chiyomaru would look to bring over the rest of the "Science Adventure" series to a Western audience.

This would not be the first time Mages has talked about bringing Robotics;Notes officially to the West. Siliconera talked to Spike Chunsoft CEO and President Mitsutoshi Sakurai, who confirmed that his company was in talks with Mages to bring several of their games westward. Robotics;Notes itself is the story of high school student Yashio Kaito, who is a member of the robotics club at his school. Along with Senomiya Akiho, they are the only club members, and they attempt to find ways to stay involved and keep the club alive. Before long, the two stumble upon a vast conspiracy involving AI, secret societies, and more.

Reasonably popular, Robotics;Notes is the third official "SciAdv" game and one of the few that lacks a translation. It had a popular anime adaptation, but suffers from comparisons to the vastly superior Steins;Gate. Still, characters from the other SciAdv games make appearances, and there is clearly some demand for the series to continue its Western march. Hopefully, we'll hear more from Spike Chunsoft and Mages soon regarding Robotics;Notes.

That's not all that Chiyomaru had to say though. Fans have been asking for the proper version of Chaos;Child on Steam for some time. Currently, only the subpar anime adaptation is available for purchase, leaving anyone who wants to experience either more of the story, or the true route left in the lurch. Again, Chiyomaru is aware of these demands, though this doesn't necessarily mean we'll see Chaos;Child on Steam any time soon, or even the fact that it got confirmed. PQube did release an English translation of Chaos;Child late last year, which we found to be an excellent VN.

Chaos;Child follows Miyashiro Takuru as he investigates the mysterious deaths of a street musician and a live streaming man. Though seemingly unconnected, Miyashiro is led to believe they are tied to a series of violent and brutal murders that occurred in Shibuya, some six years ago. Soon, he and the rest of the members of the Newspaper Club are involved in a deadly mystery with a serial killer, and the killer may just strike again.

There's just one more stop on our tour through the unreleased Mages catalog: Chaos;Head NoaH. The "definitive edition" of Chaos;HeadNoaH adds in six new routes, makes changes to the story, adds new CGs, and constructs a true ending. While the original is an above-average VN, clearly Mages wasn't pleased with a few routes and endings. It did not help that Chaos;Head suffers from a legendarily poor anime adaptation, as it attempted to cram 60 hours worth of playtime into just six hours. Still, there is clearly demand for the updated version of Chaos;Head.

Chaos;Head follows the life of social recluse Takumi. Uninterested in the 3D world, he spends his days staying in his room, hiding from society. His hometown, however, is wracked by a violent and gruesome murder. Sometime after, he is contacted by a man who sends him to a website with details of a murder. The next day, the murder happens as described. Takumi soon finds himself wracked by paranoia and delusions, as his world slowly crumbles around him.

With a few different options to choose from, fans of deep science-fiction mysteries may soon have more visual novels to read through on PC. Hopefully Chiyomaru, Mages, and Spike Chunsoft deliver sometime soon.

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