Lost Ark January Update Details Launch Plans

Published: January 27, 2022 9:47 AM /


A rather intimidating-looking chap in Lost Ark

Smilegate RPG and Amazon Game Studios have released the Lost Ark January update. The update contains information about the game's launch plans for next month, including new regions you can explore, extra endgame content, and lots more.

What does the Lost Ark January update contain?

After the Lost Ark release date was revealed in December last year, Amazon and Smilegate RPG have revealed what's coming to the action-focused MMORPG on launch day. Three new regions that weren't part of the game's closed beta will be available: the underground dwarven realm of Yorn, the demonic realm of Feiton, and the tropical paradise of Punika. In these new regions, you'll also find new quests, dungeons, and endgame content, including Tier 3 dungeons and an increased level cap.

A shattered castle area in Lost Ark
When it launches next month, Lost Ark will have plenty of new lands to explore.

As well as the new regions, there are also other additions coming based on player feedback from the rather popular closed beta period. Early cutscenes will be skippable, the pacing will be adjusted to make the game more challenging (with particular reference to endgame content), and there will be Korean voiceover options for players who want to hear the game's original voices. You'll also be able to select your character's voice at creation, with each class featuring three to four voices to choose from. Of course, there will also be Steam achievements to unlock.

When is the Lost Ark release date?

You'll be able to get your hands on Amazon Game Studios and Smilegate RPG's new free-to-play project when it launches next month. The official Lost Ark release date is February 11th, when the game will be coming to PC via Steam. If you've bought the Founder's Pack, you'll get a three-day headstart, allowing you to start playing the game on February 8th. Just a few weeks ago, the devs released a new trailer showing off Lost Ark's classes and game mechanics, which is well worth a look if you're after a new MMORPG to get lost in (no pun intended).

A character with two guns in Lost Ark
Lost Ark will feature a number of character classes at launch, with plenty of room for customization.

It's well worth reading the full Lost Ark January update if you want to see everything the team has planned for launch. In addition to these launch plans, Smilegate RPG and Amazon say they have lots in store for post-launch content as well. The studios say they're planning to release a roadmap detailing all the things they've got planned for the game's future, as well as full launch patch notes and details about Lost Ark's business model and monetization scheme, sometime "before launch". We'll bring you more on that as soon as we get it. Here's hoping the Lost Ark launch doesn't prove as messy as Amazon's other MMORPG project.

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