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Lost Ark Closed Beta Debuts in Top 10 on Steam

November 4, 2021 2:27 PM

By: Robert N. Adams


The Lost Ark Closed Beta has arrived, giving gamers the opportunity to play a new action RPG MMO from Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games -- and it's already in the Top 10 on Steam.

It's a good time for fans of MMOs. Marvel's Avengers will soon be launching a new content update later this month and Amazon's New World continues to improve its core systems (albeit while suffering from a few other problems). Now, another game published by Amazon has arrived in Closed Beta -- check out the trailer for the Lost Ark Closed Beta!


Lost Ark is an action RPG MMO that has been out in Korea for a few years now. Players can fight legions of enemies with all sorts of wonderfully flashy attacks. Naturally, there are all of the other MMO staples out there such as crafting, guilds, and other social systems.

The closed beta for this game has proven to be exceedingly popular on Steam. It's launched in the Top 10 according to SteamDB, racking up nearly 80,000 active players in Valve's ecosystem alone.


Amazon Games had announced that it was going to help bring it to the West earlier this year. That day has finally arrived and you can get into the action yourself -- as long as you're willing to spend a few bucks.

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When is the Lost Ark Closed Beta Start and End Dates?

The Lost Ark Closed Beta start date is today, November 4, 2021. You'll be able to play in the Closed Beta until it ends on November 11, 2021. After that, you'll have to wait for the game's proper launch on March 31, 2022.

If this sounds like your kind of jam, you only have a few days to check it out! You can play the Lost Ark Closed Beta by buying the game for PC via its official website starting at $14.99 or your regional equivalent.

Have you checked out the closed beta for Lost Ark? What do you think of the game so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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