Lollipop Chainsaw Remake "As Close As Possible" To Original, Say Devs

Published: July 13, 2022 11:15 AM /


Juliet chainsawing a zombie in Lollipop Chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw producer Yoshimi Yasuda has taken to Twitter to assuage fans' worries about the recently-announced Lollipop Chainsaw remake. Yasuda says the team won't be changing details like the story or Juliet's design, and he also shares an interesting tidbit about why the team opted for a remake instead of a remaster.

What has Yoshimi Yasuda said about the Lollipop Chainsaw remake?

It seems we're now entering the age of the seventh-gen remake, with games like Dead Space being reimagined for the current gaming generation. The recently-announced Lollipop Chainsaw remake is also on its way this year, and fans have been intently discussing some of the potential changes the remake could make to the original, including whether the story or character design will be significantly altered. Producer Yoshimi Yasuda took to Twitter yesterday in order to put some of these worries to rest, as well as to share some information about the remake and the direction the team is moving in.


Juliet wielding a chainsaw and looking at the camera in the Lollipop Chainsaw remake
The Lollipop Chainsaw remake is intended to be as close to the original as possible, according to publisher Yoshimi Yasuda.

First up, Yasuda reassures fans that the intent of the Lollipop Chainsaw remake is "not to make a new Lollipop Chainsaw game". The only reason the game is a remake and not a remaster has to do with music rights; Yasuda's studio Dragami Games was unable to secure the rights to 16 of the original game's music tracks, which were "a great part of the original game's feel", according to Yasuda. Since the team couldn't push forward with a remaster without those songs (in Yasuda's eyes), they opted for a remake instead. Hey, Alpha Protocol was removed from digital storefronts over music rights, so it's better than nothing, right?

Will the Lollipop Chainsaw remake change its art style?

Yasuda also says the team isn't intending to change the aesthetics, character design, or story of the original game. He says that any reference to the game looking more realistic was intended to refer to the "advanced rendering technology" the team intends to use, rather than any alteration to the art style. Finally, Yasuda makes reference to censorship, saying that he's intending to talk to platform holders to "make it so that [the Lollipop Chainsaw remake] can be as close to the original version as possible". It sounds like if you're worried about the remake deviating from the original, you should rest assured that it won't to any significant degree.

A shot of Mike Thorton shooting at enemies in Alpha Protocol
Alpha Protocol fell foul of music rights, so it's a good thing the Lollipop Chainsaw remake devs are circumventing that issue.

The Lollipop Chainsaw remake is due to launch in 2023. Platforms haven't been announced yet, but it's likely that the game will launch for PC and consoles. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more info about this one as soon as we get it.


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