Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Reveals New Battle and Job System Screenshots and Details

Eager to play the ultimate Japanese middle-aged man simulator Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth? Here's a large gallery of new screenshots and details focusing on new combat gameplay mechanics and the job system.

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Kazuma Kiryu and Ichiban Kasuga in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Today Sega released a large gallery of screenshots and details aplenty of its upcoming JRPG Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, mostly focusing on the battle and job systems. 

We start with the ability to move when it's a character turn. This can be done within a specific circle around that character's initial position and can be used to put them in a more advantageous location for the attack. 

Moving close to objects like bicycles, signboards, and other props opens the ability to use them as weapons while moving closer allies enables combo attacks.

The movement circle in Like a Dragon: Infinite wealth

Since many attacks have an area of effect, positioning is now important. Certain attacks have knockback effects and you can use them to knock enemies into obstacles, dangerous objects, and each other for additional damage and effects.

If you're close to an ally with whom your character has a strong connection combo attacks can be triggered, so deepening bonds within your party is important.

During certain special attacks, you'll get QuickTime events. Nailing them lets you execute a "perfect attack" to deliver additional blows and deal more damage, or even hit more enemies.

The "Smackdown" (Quick Attack in Japanese) option has also been implemented. You'll be able to use it with enemy groups much weaker than yours, and you'll dispatch them instantly, at the cost of receiving reduced experience. 

The Job Change system is back, letting you change the way your characters fight simply by changing jobs. Each character has a unique job, while there are plenty that are new to this game and didn't appear in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. 

Kazuma Kiryu's unique job is Dragon of Dojima, which lets you change between three styles, Brawler, Rush, and Sledgehammer, focusing respectively on heat actions, multiple quick attacks, and grappling. You can also fill a gauge and activate Dragon's Resurgence, which lets you freely move and attack until the time runs out.

Ichiban Kasuga has Hero, which is versatile with a variety of attacks and the ability to heal.

Eric Tomizawa has Cabbie, which lets you manipulate electricity and water, exploit weaknesses, and inflict status ailments.

Chitose Fujinomia has Heiress, which lets you use her dancing skills to manipulate enemies and outmaneuver them, on top of rebuffing them. 

Yu Namba's Homeless Guy job will be familiar to Like a Dragon veterans and uses umbrellas and canes, fire, and even pigeons to attack enemies.

Koichi Adachi's Detective job uses batons and lets you break through enemy defenses. It's also a tank job that lets you protect the party.

Saeko Mukoda's Barmaid job uses her handbag and more and can inflict status ailments like cold, blind, and more.

Seonhee's Assassin's job uses weapons to quickly eliminate enemies on top of paralyzing them making them unable to attack.

Joonji Han has Hitman, which uses one-hit assassination techniques.  It can also use a variety of weapons and inflict critical attacks from behind.

Tianyou Zhao's Mafia job uses blades to slash enemies. You can boost his attack and weaken his enemies. 

New jobs include Samurai, using swords and bows to unleash chain and area-of-effect attacks. Swords can apply bleeds, while bows can attack multiple enemies.

Aquanaut has unique abilities inspired by the sea, letting you blind enemies with squid ink or use jellyfish to paralyze them. You have a good offense and healing capabilities.

Desperado is good for attacking multiple enemies and inflicting status aliments with dual pistols, dynamite, and rope. 

Kunoichi can use the iconic substitution ninja technique to take over an ally's turn and use clones to deal lots of damage.

Housekeeper specializes in combat against multiple enemies, using cleaning tools to sweep enemies in a wide area. 

Lastly, Geodancer can use powerful elemental attacks, but can also heal and buff allies. You can check out all the screenshots in the gallery below.


Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will launch on January 26, 2024, for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

If you'd like to learn more about the game, you can read my detailed hands-on preview. You can also watch the latest trailer, which shows a rather hilarious island-building feature, and check out the previous batch of screenshots focusing on the cast.

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