League of Legends All-Star Is Gearing Up To End The Season With A Bang

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There is one final League of Legends event to kick off before the next season and that's the League of Legends All-Star Event. The tournament is no less official than the other Riot Games-sanctioned tournaments but acts as a decisively less serious and welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the normal League of Legends season. 64 players from different regions will come together in Las Vegas to play a 1v1 tournament, charity 2v2 tournament, URF tournament, and more.


North America: Your NA LCS All-Stars are Doublelift, Sneaky, Licorice, Imaqtpie, Voyboy, Shiphtur, Hai, Bunnyfufu, Nightblue3, and Luxxbunny.

Europe: Caps, Broxah, Jiizuke, Wickd, NoWay, GoB GG, Alexelcapo, and Gripex will be representing LEC this year at All-Star.

Latin America North: Seiya, Arce, Reubenmaster, and Ness are coming to Las Vegas to represent LLN.

Latin America South: Tierwulf, Plugo, Capri, and Lastpick will be on-stage to represent CLS.

Japan: Evi, Ceros, and Sutanmi will be the representatives from LJL.

Oceania: Triple, Pabu, and Midbeast are going to represent OPL at this year's All-Star event.

Brazil: BrTT, Rakin, YoDa, and Jukes will represent CBLOL this year.

Korea: Faker, Bang, Peanut, MadLife, Cpt Jack, Watch, Shy, and Bitdory are your 2018 LCK All-Stars.

Russia: Kira, Diamondprox, and FlashInTheNight come from LCL this year for All-Star.

Taiwan: Maple, Westdoor, NL, and BeBe will represent the LMS region this year.

China: Uzi, Mlxg, Rookie, GodLike, Fireloli, Guan Zong, JieZou, Sao Nan, Zhou Shu-Yi, and Luo Yun-Xi are representing the LPL this year.

Southeast Asia: G4, Rockky, and Riku will be your SEA Tour All-Stars this year.

Turkey: Broken Blade, Dumbledoge, Immortoru, and KFCEatbox will represent TCL in Las Vegas this year.

Viet Nam: Artifact, Zeros, QTV, and MisThy will be your VCS All-Stars for this year.

All-Star Schedule

The All-Star event is a showcase of not just the skill of our professional players in the 5v5 Summoner's Rift game we all know and love. All-Star is a battle of the best pros from every region to defend their region in matches outside of the 5v5 format. The events for this year's All-Star Event are as follows:

Day 1

Day 1 will kick off with the NA LCS vs EU LCS rivalry match. After NA vs EU, we will move to the Charity 2v2 event where pairs of players from each region will fight for a charity donation to a charity of their choice. Following that will be three alternate game mode tournaments for the Nexus Blitz, Tandem Mode, where two players control one champion, and URF game modes. The day will wrap up with the first round of the 1v1 tournament where the 32 pro players will go head to head to establish who the best player in the world is.

Day 2

Day 2 will start with more charity 2v2s, then have more Tandem Mode games. After that, we will have the second round of the 1v1 tournament followed by more Nexus Blitz games. Finally, Day 2 will end with the third round of the 1v1 tournament.

Day 3

The final day of All-Stars will start off with the East vs West showdown then move to the 1v1 quarterfinals. After the 1v1 semi-finals, we will get to watch the LPL vs LCK rivalry match and end with a bang by declaring this year's best professional League of Legends player in the 1v1 finals.

This year's All-Star event will be held from December 6 through December 8 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

We hope to see you there!

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