The Last of Us Part II New Gameplay and Release Date Announced

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The Last of Us Part II New Gameplay and Release Date Announced

September 24, 2019

By: Andrew Otton

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To end today's State of Play, we got the chance to see more The Last of Us Part II. It was full of visceral, in your face and sometimes gruesome gameplay. We also got to see Joel for the first time. The big news, however, was the release date. The Last of Us Part II releases February 21st, 2020.

As for the footage shown, this time around it definitely seems we'll be seeing the games through the eyes of Ellie. Ellie has made a new home with herself in a new community, based on the trailer here and what was previously shown of The Last of Us Part II. When Joel arrives, it was a surprise to Ellie, which, as we've sort of known already, Ellie and Joel have probably been separated for quite some time.

Just as in the first installment, enemies shown off in this new gameplay were wideranging. From normal old people to dogs, to zombies, and yes the Infected, including Clickers, have returned. Beyond that, the tone suggests another dark and sometimes difficult to watch and play experience just like the original. Only, we can see a ton more of the shine and detail that Naughty Dog is known for.

According to a listing on Best Buy [Affiliate], The Last of Us Part II will come on two discs.


The Last of Us Part II Collector's Edition and More

last of us part 2 ellie edition

After State of Play,  some more information was released as well, including information on the various editions of the game. There will be a Standard Edition, Special Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, Collector's Edition, and Ellie Edition.

The Standard Edition is just the game, as you'd expect.

The Special Edition comes with a custom SteelBook case, PS4 dynamic theme, six PSN avatars, digital soundtrack, and a digital version of the artbook included in the Collector's and Ellie Edition. According to Best Buy [Affiliate], the Special Edition will be $79.99.

The Digital Deluxe Edition is the same as the Special Edition, just a digital version of the game.

The Collector's Edition comes with a 12 inch Ellie statue, a life-sized replicat of Ellie's bracelet, a SteelBook case, a 48 page artbook from Dark Horse, a set of six enamel pins, a lithograph art print, and five stickers. Also included is all of the digital content outlined above. According to Best Buy [Affiliate], the Collector's Edition will be $159.99.


The Ellie edition comes with everything in the Collector's Edition, as well as a life-sized, fully functional replica of Ellie's backpack, an embroidered patch, and a 7 inch vinly record with some music from the soundtrack. According to Best Buy [Affiliate], the Ellie Edition will be $249.99.