Kojima Productions Pledges To Aid Ukrainian Refugees

Published: June 20, 2022 4:34 PM /


Kojima Productions Ukraine

Known for creating DEATH STRANDING, Kojima Productions is making a different kind of announcement. Following the crisis in the Ukraine, millions of citizens have been forced to flee for their own safety. In response, Kojima Productions has said that it will offer help to those who have been displaced as such. The crisis has been ongoing for the better part of 2022 with the need for aid becoming greater as time goes on.

The Kojima Productions Ukraine Response

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Since Hideo Kojima left Konami, he has continued to pursue game development. He started his own team in Kojima Productions, which is currently working on some big projects and has now shifted its attention to charitable action. Certain countries have offered sanctuary to those fleeing from Ukraine, with Japan being one of them. In response, Kojima and his team announced on their Twitter that they will be providing support to said refugees. Though details of their support are yet to be revealed, they have provided helpful links to the Immigration Services Agency of Japan.

Kojima Productions isn't the only game development team to have been affected by the Ukrainian crisis. There are many developers still based in the region such as Sengi Games, which released The Serpent Rogue in April and GSC Game World, who recently announced that they've had to delay their release of Stalker 2: Heart Of Chornobyl. As the crisis continues to grow, both countries and companies are working to provide whatever support they can to those affected by it. In terms of gaming, many services and studios have suspended access in Russia in protest of the conflict such as Electronic Arts.

Depending on what sort of actions Kojima Productions plan to take, it's possible that their ongoing projects will be pushed back. DEATH STRANDING 2 and Abandoned may have to wait as aiding Ukraine becomes a priority.



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