Kerbal Space Program 1.11 Update Debuts Tons of Fun New Toys

Published: December 17, 2020 2:40 PM /


Kerbal Space Program 1.11 Update cover

The Kerbal Space Program 1.11 Update has arrived, delivering the brand-new EVA Construction Mode to aspiring astronauts along with changes to the game's inventory system and a boatload of other goodies.

Kerbal Space Program is still happily chugging along with free content updates and the latest one has just arrived on Steam. First announced last month, the major addition in this update is "EVA Repair Mode" — essentially the ability for your astronauts to effect repairs in the field. That's not the only thing coming, though!

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Fun New Toys in the Kerbal Space Program 1.11 Update

One of the major key additions in the Kerbal Space Program 1.11 Update is the EVA Construction Mode we've just mentioned, but that's far from the only new content coming to the game.

Also arriving is a major overhaul to the game's inventory system, finally allowing you to carry ship materials with you, either in your ship's cargo bay or on the Kerbals themselves. As part of this change, the Kerbal jetpack and parachute now count as inventory items; they'll have to be carried in each Kerbal's inventory for them to be usable.

Those are the major functional additions, but cosmetics are getting an upgrade, too! New RCS variants and new lights with customizable colors are now available, letting you trick out your ship in style. A fair few visual bugs have been fixed, too.

Speaking of style, the visuals of the game have gotten a bit of an overhaul, too. The Joolian Moons Bop, Vall, and Tylo now have high-quality textures and graphic shaders. These are just the big highlights, mind — as always, the full Kerbal Space Program 1.11 Update patch notes have details on every single bugfix and new addition. If you'd like to try to fly to space (and probably explode a few times along the way), you can buy Kerbal Space Program via its official website starting at $39.99 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of the new additions in the Kerbal Space Program 1.11 Update? How will you use the new EVA Construction Mode? Let us know in the comments below!

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