Just Dance Now! released worldwide

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Just Dance Now! released worldwide

September 25, 2014

By: Andrew Stretch


Just Dance Now, the next installment in the popular dance series Just Dance, has just been released. Just Dance Now isn't the usual take on the franchise which has, in the past, appeared on home consoles. When on home consoles you use each consoles motion controls like the Wiimote or Kinect but with Just Dance Now you use your smartphone as the controller and a computer or smart TV as the screen.

Just Dance Now allows you to download the free app and play just dance with as many friends as you want by going to the Just Dance Now website. There is no limit to the amount of people you can have connected to the game room that you are in. Each day you'll be presented with 5 different free songs that you can play or you can purchase a subscription based "VIP pass" allowing you to access the full collection of songs on Just Dance Now for time intervals.

The app is available on the app store and the Google play store, though some regions are reporting that the app has not shown up yet, and is free to download and allows you to access the five free songs of the day.

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