Journey to the Savage Planet DLC Hot Garbage Announced

Published: April 7, 2020 5:35 PM /


Journey to the Savage Planet

A new showcase of Inside Xbox has shown that players should get ready for more laughs as Journey to the Savage Planet launches their first set of new DLC. Humorously called "Hot Garbage," the extra content sends players to a new planet with the pun-filled name "DL-C1." As members of Kindred Aerospace, players will have to deal with Vyper Corp. robots polluting the area. Along the way, their suit will receive new upgrades, like a jetpack, toxic deshocker, and a pair of underwater boots. Players will also be able to gain unlimited stamina. The game's new DLC is scheduled to launch on Xbox One and PC via the Epic Games Store on April 15. While a PS4 release will come later, no release date has been announced yet.


"Hot Garbage" will also introduce Kronus, a particularly vocal Vyper Corp. robot that will take a page out of Handsome Jack's playbook and mock players while they explore DL-C1. The new planet will also showcase different creatures and plants, like a local variation of the Puffer. If you need time away from nature, you'll be able to check out new in-game commercials advertising services like the two-headed lawyer Zeldrok and Zeldrok. There will also be promos for items like an ab-focused exercise system and "a 12-bedroom residence on monster-wheel tires" called Monstacrib Extreme.

Inside Xbox also announced that Game Pass subscribers can start playing the base game of Journey to the Savage Planet on April 9.

Quick Thoughts

The new upgrades seem focused on expanding options for exploration and navigation for players, with a jetpack likely for more air travel and underwater boots for more undersea treks.

Are you ready to play more of Journey to the Savage Planet? Jetpack or underwater boots? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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