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Published: August 20, 2015 10:52 AM /


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IndieDevKit is now live. It was founded by Leoni Manshanden, owner of SouthPaw Strategy, former VP of Irrational Games, and Tim Ponting, owner of Renegade PR, who also developed IndieDevKit. It's a new site full of affordable resources for self-publishing developers. From creating and managing a crowdfunding campaign to how to market your game, IndieDevKit provides guides, wizards, curated outsource options, and more.

Guides on IndieDevKit range from $5 to $15, providing information on "Legal Basics," "PR Basics," "Crowdfunding," "Engaging with Media," and more—basically the foundation for what any indie developer would need to get word out about their game.

While the guides aren't as interesting, IndiDevKit also offers a few wizards for indie developers to go through to both answer commonly asked questions and helping to see where you stand in that respective area of development. Right now they offer a "Localization Wizard," "Messaging Wizard," and "Budget Wizard."

Localization Wizard

How do those help? Well, the Messaging Wizard for example is used to help organize and prioritize the important elements of communication, while helping developers get to the fundamental question of "How do I get noticed?" IndieDevKit will not save any of the work from the wizard on their server either, it will be left completely to the developer.

All of the wizards are completely free as well, though they do ask that developers consider donations if they choose to use them.

However, if a developer feels the need for more hands-on help, IndieDevKit provides that as well, laying out their consulting fees. They offer services such as reviewing marketing plans and crowdfunding pages to developing a market strategy for you.

Other than that, IndieDevKit also includes a curated list of outsource groups and other developer services all in one place so developers don't have to search all over for them. 

Quick Take

You may be thinking, hey, I'm not an indie developer, why should I care about this news? Well, for one thing maybe you are an indie developer that has stumbled upon the site, so welcome! If you're not, this offers a glimpse into what exactly goes into creating a successful game and the sort of issues all developers have to deal with themselves.

Aside from that, knowing such a resource exists, specifically for those wanting to make games themselves, is pretty cool. We won't know until the testimonials come out just how effective it is, but the attempt to help out indie developers is worth attention.


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