I Am Not A Monster Is Getting A Single-Player Mode On September 19th

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I Am Not A Monster Is Getting A Single-Player Mode On September 19th

September 9, 2019

By: Joseph Allen


Turn-based sci-fi strategy game I Am Not A Monster has a launch date for its upcoming single-player mode. This feature was originally announced back in June this year. The campaign will launch on September 19th and will be free to everyone who owns the original multiplayer game.

When it launches, the single-player campaign will include eight playable characters. You'll play as each of them over the course of a single campaign run. It'll also feature forty unique levels and offer around ten hours of gameplay. Naturally, you'll assume control of heroic Captain Laser as he fights off monsters and protects his starship's passengers. This time, something feels different to Captain Laser. He'll need to work carefully to reveal the true nature of the monsters he's battling, as well as his passengers' hidden secrets. Check out the single-player trailer for I Am Not A Monster below:


If you're not familiar with I Am Not A Monster, think a cross between XCOM and the party game Werewolf, but with a distinct '50s sci-fi B-movie feel. Each session of the game features a group of up to six players, each of whom is assigned a role of civilian or monster at random. You'll need to build a strategy and suspect each and every one of your teammates, as they might be a shapeshifting lizard. If you're a monster, you'll need to carefully plan your attack without giving yourself away. It's a neat concept, and it's nice to see developer Cheerdealers throwing a bone to the single-player folks.


You'll be able to grab the single-player for I Am Not A Monster on September 19th. In the meantime, you can pick up the game's multiplayer component on Steam. Get your friends together and get ready to start suspecting.

Will you check out I Am Not A Monster's single-player campaign? Let us know in the comments below!

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