House Flipper 2 Announced, Arriving Next Year

Published: February 22, 2022 3:12 PM /


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It's a good day for fans of simulation games: Frozen District 2 has announced that House Flipper 2 is in development and will arrive sometime next year.

As the name implies, House Flipper is a game about flipping houses -- buying them, renovating them, and selling them for a profit. Aside from occasionally releasing some silly updates, the devs have also cooked up a fair amount of premium content including upcoming DLCs featuring pets and farming. Now, fans of this game can look forward to a sequel -- check out the reveal trailer!


The House Flipper 2 Announcement Trailer shows what may be the in-game menu for the sequel. It certainly looks like a step up from the original game -- and it seems fairly immersive, too.

That's not all we know about the game, though. Aside from today's announcement, an interview over at Gamepressure has some interesting details about the sequel. The devs are aiming to improve on the core mechanics of the game while also improving them where it makes sense.

"This is where the focus is – to do things from House Flipper 1, just better," explained Frozen District's Team Leader Jakub Bujas. "We already have the right tools, skills, experience, and feedback. And whether it will be possible to interact with the shower is of secondary importance. We definitely want to add as many items to interact with as possible. It's important for us that the player, in addition to renovating their apartments, will also be able to feel at home there. How far all this will go is still being decided, but opening cupboards, sitting in chairs – these are nice details. We definitely want to take interaction further. We'll see how far. The core is the most important, though.

Critically, improvements in the sequel will make it easier to develop new content and features for the game -- such as the ability to build a brand-new house rather than simply renovate an existing one.

"The biggest problem with [the first House Flipper game] was that this game was intended as a rather small production," Bujas said. "We had indications that it would become popular, but we hadn't thought it would explode as it did, that we would have such a gigantic player base, nor that the game would be supported for so many years. There are many elements, such as in the code architecture, which prevented us from implementing some cool features, or only allowed implementing them in a form that was not entirely satisfactory to us. HF2 will be a fresh start for us – we are experienced, we already know what we did wrong and what we did right, which allowed us to be that much smarter and build the code infrastructure we really need. Therefore, one of the things that will distinguish us from the first part is that it will be possible to construct buildings from scratch."

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When is the House Flipper 2 Release Date?

The House Flipper 2 release date will be sometime in 2023. Unfortunately, a more specific release date has not yet been announced. Don't worry about missing out if you're still enjoying the original -- Frozen District plans to continue development and release DLC of the original for the near future.

Based on today's reveal trailer, the House Flipper sequel already looks like a serious step up in graphics. For now, there's a ton of content to enjoy in the original -- you can buy House Flipper for PC and consoles via its official website starting at $19.99 or your regional equivalent. You can also swing by the House Flipper 2 website and literally stare at a brick wall.




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