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Published: December 19, 2017 12:50 PM /


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Fans got to revisit Kanto in the rereleases of classic Pokemon titles Red, Blue and Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition and once Johto with the release of Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Gold for the Nintendo3DS eShop earlier this year. Now Pokemon Crystal, the third game in Gen II, will also be getting a release for the 3DS on January 26th.

Like Gold and Silver, this game is set three years after Gen I. Players set off on their Pokemon journey from New Bark Town with the goal of getting eight badges and attending the Johto Pokemon League. Along the way, you'll encounter a variety of Pokemon and Trainers, as well as the remnants of Team Rocket attempting to regain their former power and search for their estranged leader Giovanni. Pokemon Crystal brought many upgrades in comparison to other Gen II titles including some firsts for the series. Some of these changes included a female playable character, Suicune's prominence in the story, new criteria to catch Ho-Oh, a Battle Tower, and more.


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Finally, you'll be able to catch Celebi in Gen II


Additional changes have also been made specifically for the Nintendo 3DS version of Pokemon Crystal. Like all of the other 3DS Virtual Titles at launch Crystal will be compatible with the Pokemon Bank online service allowing you to move Pokemon up to recent Pokemon titles like Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. You will also be able to use all of the link/trade and Time Capsule features allowing you to trade and battle against the Nintendo eShop versions of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow: Special Edition. The biggest update for those who played Crystal originally is that there is now a post-game event allowing players to catch Celebi. The event to obtain the GS ball and catch Celebi was previously tied to a Japan-exclusive cell phone accessory and thus unobtainable in the West.

Are you excited to have a chance to replay Pokemon Crystal on the 3DS? What was your favorite part of Crystal when you played it at release? Are you excited to finally have a chance to catch Celebi?

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